I’m a smart person. I tackle all sorts of things, some quite tricky. I like challenges. I have mastered a great many things in my life from martial arts to driving road trains – guns, motorbikes and flying an ultralight. I’ve published two novels, both researched to the bone. That also means I take on Khekarians on a daily basis (HAHAHA). And win… mostly.

I’ve learned how to publish my work and most recently, how to blog. I’m even managing to learn a few words in Bahasa (Indonesian) in my spare time thanks to Yuna of Little Orange World (Selamat pagi, Yuna!).


So why am I finding it so daunting trying to set up facebook?! FACEBOOK? Are you kidding me? It can’t possibly be that hard, right? EVERYBODY’S on facebook!

Okay, so what that means is there’ll be some fluffing about, undoubtedly some mangling going on, maybe some pitiful sobbing and the occasional panic.

Currently there seems to be some issues at facebook end and it’s not giving me a homepage. I am not alone in this, so it wasn’t me who broke it. 😀

I was going to plug this blog in regardless, but I think it’s best to wait until I actually have some control over the other end and can actually respond to anyone who pops in that way.

Special thanks to Rob from 123 Finance for suggesting it, and to Uzoma of 85 Degrees for also suggesting ways that will help, as well as sharing with others his enjoyment of my books. 😀

Cheers everyone. Big hugs all round!



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