Yes, I’m creating where it counts.

Just letting you all know that I have NOT run out of steam, I have NOT run out of inspiration nor imagination nor creativity – the (albeit lengthy) delays in getting book 3 of the Khekarian series completed and published has nothing to do with lack of willpower or energy but everything to do with the circumstances that cropped up during this last year, including moving house interstate.

With the manuscript itself, there were some early issues, all successfully dealt with now. I am currently writing my fingers to the bone and I’m heading towards the final run.

So, please forgive me for not blogging and chatting which I said and believe I would do, but I really want to see this book completed and to be free to start on the next one.


The book I am working on is The Bastard Line. It follows on from The Khekarian Threat (book1) and The King’s Sacrifice (book 2).

Thank you for your patience.

Cheers everyone! 😀


17 thoughts on “Yes, I’m creating where it counts.

  1. Candice

    🙂 I was just thinking about you and wondering how things were going with your efforts. I was actually going to email you in a bit. Alas, you must have heard my thoughts and beat me to the punch. I am very happy for you with how things are going. Keep up the good work and we will chat soon 😀

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Candice – no problem at all, I know you are as busy as I am. I hope your work is progressing well too. Hey, I love your new gravitar. 😀

      Cheers to you, and yes, we’ll chat soon.

      1. Candice

        Thank you very much! Its always a delight to hear from you. Things are going well. Trying to decide if I should pursue self-publishing a series of novellas while I finish trimming the fat of Ascension Graveyard. I just don’t want to lose too much time on it, but AG takes breathers as you know. Hope you are staying warm and well!

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          😀 YOU are READING MY MIND! No kidding – I’ve been thinking that I should write and publish some shorter (regular-sized) books, both as a break from the big series I’m doing and also to promote it, meaning use the same backdrop, the same Khekarian/Chiddran/Terran galaxy, but have simple stories and new characters or some secondary characters met already in the series – yet not be part of the series. I could turn them out faster and sell them cheaper and they would compliment the series I have.

          Of course first I must get THIS book out as it’s taken so long to get this far with it, but I’ve got some ideas nutting around in my head for a few side-books when I need to take a breather from the big-fat books I normally write.

          We really do think alike. 😀

        2. Candice

          And I find such great comfort in that! Then, I encourage us BOTH to set our minds to achieving our goal in this. I listened to a webinar yesterday that was about how to use Amazon selling store to the greatest of my advantage. The presenter is hired by others to do the research and manipulate the marketing and algorithms to best market the book being sold. I can forward you her powerpoint notes once I have them. She also has some books called “How to sell books by the truckload on Amazon” by Penny C Sansevieri. Not that fancies title. Anyhow I learned a lot. 🙂

        3. A.D. Everard Post author

          Sounds interesting – although I’m rather wary of books that tell people how to sell a truckload of books. Reminds me of the “How to Make a Million Dollars” advice that amounts to “write a book titled How to Make a Million Dollars” – which is how the author made a million dollars. You see what I mean.

        4. Candice

          Thats what I thought at first, but her style isn’t gimmicky. It is showing the Indie writer how to properly use the platform to their advantage, something a lot of us don’t know how to do.

        5. Candice

          It will be a pleasure! I hope you reach your goals with book 3 soon. I reckon the time it is taking us to finish these particular projects is for a reason. It will all be for our creative best in the end 😉

        6. A.D. Everard Post author

          I agree. Frustrating as it is at the moment, the end result will be much better than we anticipated. I am already seeing that in my work and I’m sure you are too. We are much alike. 😀 Have a great day.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Flygirl! 😀 It seems a long time coming with so much extra happening in the last year, but I feel on top of it now and I’ll soon be on to book 4.

      How are you? All well I hope. Great to see you again. 😀 Cheers!


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