Gentle light brought a cool radiance into the morning.

Sevi wasn’t the only one out along the winding narrow track that led to the river’s edge, but she was the only one enjoying the cool air on her skin and the colors lifting in the foliage, the soft greens, browns and reds surrounding her.

The two pricks stalking her like clumsy apes had their attention fixed on a prize and it wasn’t the quality of the day.

Sevi took pride in her body. She kept herself in top physical condition. That meant working out five days out of six.

Usually no one took notice of it. She rose to a morning still in darkness and exercised for three hours while the team was still asleep. Stretching, aerobics, push-ups, sit-ups and weightlifting, each with repetition that numbered a hundred, Sevi’s routine gave her strength, agility, flexibility and a perfect body.

As part of her cool-down routine, whenever there was access to open water, Sevi would finish with a swim.

In the nude.

Lee and Kevin, total amateurs, just lusted to see her bathe naked in the shallow river.

They were going to end up with their heads up their asses, but for the moment, Sevi pretended not to know they were there. She slowed her pace a little on rounding a bend to see if she could scare them off without even turning around.

Both men skidded to a halt on the loose gravel under their feet and scuttled backwards in haste out of sight when they followed and realized their target was unexpectedly only yards ahead. Then they paused, waiting, listening, planning rapid excuses should Sevi turn and see them. When she continued on her way without looking back, they followed, moving more cautiously this time.

Brave bastards, Sevi thought, amused.

Their game didn’t matter. She would give them enough rope to hang themselves, then push them off the platform later. It would be a minor entertainment to start the day.

She continued on down to where the river hardly moved, its broad expanse tranquil over rounded rocks and dark grey silt. She paused at the bank to take in the dark water and the beautiful surroundings, listening as Lee and Kevin rustled their way into some bushes to hide.

They had no concept of stealth. They certainly had no concept of silence. She idly wondered if she should shoot them.

Sevi dropped her fresh clothing, her kit that she’d carried down but would wear back, and a towel onto the stony bank. She slipped off her sandals, her back to the boys. Let them see what they wanted to. Let them have their hard-on. Let them fantasize.

She stripped, not making a show of it, just taking down her trousers and her briefs with quiet elegance, bundling them together and setting them next to her clean clothing. Then, at a leisurely pace, she pulled off her top, arms stretching over her head.

One of the ape-twins gave a quiet half-grunt, half-moan, but overall it was now very quiet back there.

Naked, Sevi dropped her top and stepped with animal grace into the chill water.

Jesus,” Lee breathed, fishing out his binoculars.

She still had her back to them, wading out to a depth barely reaching her hips. They were close enough to clearly see the fullness of her buttocks, her narrow waist and slender back, shoulders and arms honed to perfection.

Kevin sighed and parted the branches for a better look at her. The visceral ache for her was already there and his pair of binoculars brought her closer.

“Goddamn, she’s fantastic.”

Lee already had his own binoculars trained on her, a big grin on his face. “Yeah.”

“Do you think it’s true that when she kills a man, she fucks him first?”

“I don’t think that’s true.”

“No? I was just wondering if it’d be worth it, you know?”

Lee gave a quiet chuckle. “Yeah.”

Sevi dipped low, gently and completely immersing herself, and rose again, her skin now sparkling like jewels.

“Oh, man, I ache for that bitch,” Kevin said.

“Shut up, she’ll hear you.”

“Not over the river, we’re safe enough.”

“She could still listen in.”

“If she doesn’t know we’re here, she has nothing to check. Come on, baby, turn around turn around turn around.” Lee wanted to see her breasts. He wanted to see all of her.

Still with her back to them, Sevi raised her hands, taking an unhurried moment to wipe the water from her short hair.

“How do you impress a woman like that?” Kevin asked. “What do you have to do to win her approval and get her into bed?”

“You have to be a mean-fucker Khekarian with a mean-fucker dick and a mean-fucker set of nuts.”

They silently reflected on the only mean-fucker that fit the bill on all three counts.

“Lucky bastard,” Kevin said at last.

Sevi decided it was time to send them scampering.

She turned her head, giving them the profile of her face. Her hands and arms opened and drifted down to her sides, then went gently still. Clearly she was listening.

Shit, she’s onto us, I’m gone!”


As easy as that. Sevi heard the heavy rustle of branches and the scramble across loose rocks as they crashed their way in hasty retreat. That’s all it took. She didn’t bother to turn further.

She dipped into the chill once again and swam out to deeper water.


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