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Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome.

I have been writing science fiction since I was twelve years old (more than forty years), in love with the technology and idea of space travel, yet put off by those early impersonal tales available back then in the early 1970s. I spent those years mentally rewriting stories “to be better” and my writing took off from there.

In my life I have enjoyed many different experiences and have undertaken many areas of training to enhance my writing skills and to write from experience. Click on Bio for more.

In upcoming posts I will discuss why I write the way I do, what research I have engaged in and enter into discussion brought up by commenters in this blog. So feel free to raise a topic germane to science fiction, writing in general, research and so on. You do not need to be a writer to join in, everyone is welcome. For those who do write, I do not and will not presume to tell anyone how to write, each creator must be true to their own soul, I can only speak from my own experiences, trials and errors.

Blog rules are fairly light (please see site policy), so you can relax and be yourself. I hope you enjoy your visit and come back again.

WARNING: The  Khekarian Series is meant for mature readers. If you are uncomfortable with realism, swearing, adult themes, occult themes, violence and descriptive sex, read no further, my work is probably not for you.

The Khekarian Threat, Book One in the Khekarian Series, is available now in paperback and Kindle. Click on The Khekarian Threat tab for more details or click the book cover on the side of this page to be taken to Amazon books directly.

I will shortly provide information on my next book in the series, The Imperial Son, due out approximately July 2013. I will post updates as to its progress and that of the next one along, etc.

Thank you for visiting. 🙂


A. D. Everard 2012