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If I could give anything to the world this Christmas…

Christmas tree lights are twinkling, champagne is in the fridge, and gifts wrapped with bows and paper peek out from under the tree like a small avalanche of good wishes. In the kitchen, a lovely fat roast is cooking, its aroma teasing us with promise. Scrubbed faces smiling, raised glasses in cheer and goodwill, soft music or a family movie playing. It is a season for gentleness towards each other and reflection on a year well spent, to focus on the good things in life and the positive things in our communities and indeed the world.

There are wonderful things all around us that we neglect to see simply because our busy lives channel us into one way of thinking or one way of viewing the world. We hardly have time to think. So – too frequently – we don’t.

The news has become too politicized. We take aboard our daily dose of human misery and hardly notice the poison entering our souls. We actually begin to believe that as a species we are some kind of blight upon the world. Have you noticed how such a negative message is dished up to us in small cumulative packets? Daily we are informed that we are “Bad” for being the creative creatures we are, “Bad” for using the intelligence God or Nature gave us, “Bad” for inventing things, “Bad” for wanting the best for our families, “Bad” for existing – hell’s bells, “Bad” even for breathing.

If I could give anything to the world this Christmas, it would be that we could recognize the majesty of our being [continue reading…]

Christmas is coming

Why is it, every year we get as far as August and then BAM! It’s Christmas. I know there are months between August and December, it’s just I don’t seem to notice them go by.

Anyway, as Christmas is drawing closer and there is much to do, things may get quiet in here. Still, don’t lose heart, those new to this blog will find plenty of reading in the first four chapters from Book One, The Khekarian Threat, listed on the right side of this page under the book cover. Click there and you will be taken to the relevant pages.

For more reading again, check out the tabs above. The dropdown menu for The Khekarian Series provides a couple of more excerpts – both from The Khekarian Threat and the second book, The Imperial Son.  Continue reading…


Knitting needle in the brain causes memory loss – Fact or Fiction?

Recently I posted some preview pages titled Mij, an excerpt from The Imperial Son, The King’s Sacrifice, Book Two in The Khekarian Series (due out in a few months published July 2013). In it, a thirteen year-old girl, captured by Khekarian Forces, is being threatened with torture.

Lieutenant Jy’shon-Tahn, the Khekarian torturer, explains graphically how a knitting needle type of tool can be used and what mayhem it causes when pushed up a person’s nostril, through the bone and into the deeper, more primitive brain.

It’s scary stuff and Mij is suitably scared.

Is the Khekarian bluffing? Is Lieutenant Jy’shon-Tahn telling the truth here? Is this fact or fiction?

More to the point, did the author get it wrong? :O

Actually, it’s fact. Click to read more and find out why.

Chit-chat – Posts and Comments

Hi everyone. I’m sure most of you are familiar with blogs, but for those who are not, I thought it might be worth pointing out why I have the layout I have and why posts start on this page and end on another.

Each post has space for comments, and a reader is linked from this, the home page, to another with a “continue reading” or something similar, which is where the comments box will be found (at the bottom of the page). This allows each post it’s own page where pertaining comments can amalgamate. Apart from grouping comments by topic, this allows readers an easy perusal through post titles on the home page without having to scroll through what may one day be reams of comments. 🙂

So, to add a comment or just to finish reading this post, follow the link by clicking on it, such as this one: Continue reading…