So… AFTER the snakes and the bats and the flood…

…More photos – once we realized it was better not to sleep where we could drown (the story about the bats is HERE, the story about flooding is HERE), we moved the bed out of the pit, leaving our living room in there (anything electrical was above swimming pool level).

Prior to building our extension, though, we tried this (below).


It looked good, but unfortunately that covering just encouraged the spiders to move in. Lots of them. They were the big Huntsman with the leg-span of a saucer – don’t worry, I don’t have any photos of those, and no, I (probably) won’t tell the story, either.


Greg put up a frame for a patio, and I filled in the walls with mud. That sofa was our fold-down bed.


I did get further than these photos show, I don’t have pictures, but you get the idea.


Generally, I scrubbed about looking like this…


But I did get a decent close-up photo. My neighbour was studying photography and she took this nice picture.


Don’t forget that was me back then, I’m older now (but I’m feeling brave, so I might soon put up a current picture of myself. Greg’s getting the camera out this weekend – no promises, though). 😀

And that’s it for now.

Today I’m placing all these posts with photos into a gallery accessed from the top drop-down menu for easy reference. That way you won’t have to dig through lots of posts to find those snakes again. 😀

Cheers, all,


14 thoughts on “So… AFTER the snakes and the bats and the flood…

  1. Marie

    I skipped the snake part.. but Wow.. You have given “roughing it” new meaning.LOL.. Not only a great writer, but a very brave woman.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Marie! 🙂

      I don’t know about brave, I think I learned not to need to be brave, if that makes sense.

      What? You missed the snake photos?! But – dang – they’re my favourites! 😀

  2. Uzoma

    What an adventure! Finally I’d time to read the rest. And this … Goodness me! Since you are not willing to talk about the spiders, I won’t bother asking questions (just curious, perhaps :)). I admire how you guys made use of the things around you to keep safe. And the inventions/designs that came as a result.

    You’re pretty in that photo, Allyson, even though you say it’s some years ago. I believe I’ll still see beauty when you post a current one of you.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Uzoma, that’s a lovely thing to say and I am flattered. 😀

      As for spiders, it’s not that I’m unwilling to talk about them, I just didn’t want to frighten off those readers who remained with me after the snake photos yesterday. I thought spiders as well might be too soon. 😛

      I’m so glad you are enjoying my adventures from back then. It’s been a great opportunity to share, too. Interest from yourself and others triggered me to search out the photos and since then I have felt on top of the world, going through them all has been a truly wonderful experience. To be able to put some up here and have such wonderful feedback makes me realize how fortunate I am and have been.

      So I thank you for that. 😀


      1. Uzoma

        You’re welcome. Good thing is that you guys were able to photos — step by step — of the entire escapade.

        As for snakes ,,, ah, no oooo. I’m not even a fan of the creature 😦 I must commend you for even trying to hold up one (the one I saw in the pic) and then writing on how they helped keep rats away. On the other hand, I love watching spiders (not the ones that could be harmful to man). I think they are fascinating creatures. That’s why I even have a blog post about the “black widow.”

        I was wondering if they (spiders) where a nuisance as well.

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Heeheehhe – something tells me you haven’t seen the rest of the snake pictures. 🙂 🙂 🙂

          I’ll check out your “black widow” if you check out my snakes. Deal? 😛

          Yes, those spiders were a nuisance.

          As for the pythons keeping rats away, they did a lot more than that. They ate other snakes, lizards, any small animal, including wallabies (small species of kangaroo – think big dog-size).

  3. beth

    Lovely to see you with some real clothes on. Hawhawhaw

    I am also kind of interested in the spiders.
    Don’t like snakes but spiders are fascinating.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Beth! 🙂

      I’ll take snakes any day. A lot of spiders here are as deadly as the snakes! The Huntsman spider, though, isn’t deadly – just big. A big one can cover your whole face, for instance, which is not nice in the middle of the night.

  4. Yuna

    Hi Allyson,
    it’s so nice to see you :D, you look versatile too :D, look so cool 😀
    whose idea’s the tent? looks so cool, but I’ve never imagined it would be like that, it gives such an adventurous vibe…so “wild and free”, my thought 😀

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Yuna! 🙂

      Thank you! The tent was decided on between us because we could only get one caravan, which gave the computers a home. I had one end as my office, and Greg had the other end as his office, although he was only there on the weekends. The tent seemed like a good idea, but did not last well, especially in the Wet season when it got pretty soaked and did not dry out. That meant everything inside got wet, too. 🙂 We learned a lot by making mistakes. 😀


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