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Sevi and the Ape-Twins – what more can I say?

Sometimes you have to meet a character directly. Sometimes action speaks louder than words. This isn’t really an action scene, but brings to light the juvenile attitude of her stalkers and some aspects of her invulnerability. Quite simply, Sevi is never intimidated. [Continue reading…]

Tweaking my Doubles, plus an Update on Book Two, and an Apology on Sex.

One at a time. Tweaking my Doubles: Posts, that is. Last Thursday (Wednesday to my USA pals), I posted an announcement that I will now post twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays (Mondays and Thursdays in the USA). This saw a spike in readership. Nice.

It might be one of those things, or it might be that Thursdays (Wednesdays, yeah you know where) is simply a better day for people to browse. I’m relatively new to blogging and have to take my cues where I get them. So, yes, you betcha, I’ll now be posting Tuesdays (Mondays) and Thursdays (Wednesdays), not Fridays (Thursdays).

This counts as one of them (oh shoot! Sorry ‘bout that). Okay, okay, that’s why there’s an Update on Book Two (I have to give you people something, right?) [continue reading…].

Mij – What the heck…?

She is missing from my posts. Why? I’ve left her out, that’s why. Okay, it was accidental, but before we get started here, don’t let my recent bimbo post distract you – this is not a bimbo-moment, got it? Mij is a kid, and she is in a stack of trouble. Come back next week to meet Sevi, who is also not a bimbo by the way, but at least the snippet that’s coming is tantalizing. THIS snippet is just plain serious and a little bit scary. It’s meant to be.

The preview I’m about to point you to is actually already up on my blog and most of you may have already seen it. The reason for this introduction is because,
apart from waffle on about various things, I’ve introduced other chapters and
snippets from Book 1, The Khekarian Threat, and Book 2, The Imperial Son. This
has covered: [continue reading…].

How does twice a week grab you?

Just letting everyone know, from tomorrow, I will be posting twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays in Australia, which means Mondays and Thursdays to those on or around USA time.

Yes, I know the drill, I’ll keep it varied and interesting while covering science fiction, writing, sample pages and maybe more chapters, sex and erotica (people like those), Good Guys, Bad Guys and The Khekarian Series in general.

See you tomorrow! 😀

[Continue reading (oops, forgot)…].

Science fiction “classic” errors and Bimbos are People, too.

Don’t let “science fiction” put you off a good story. Early science fiction was in the hands of scientists. Now it’s in the hands of the writers. Scientists knew science but they did not know people. Writers – good writers – know people.

It’s okay, I’m not going to slap down the early sci-fi works, and I’m certainly not going to knock down the classics (I could lose friends really fast that way and I don’t want to). So, let’s switch from books to movies and I can continue down the “why I got into science fiction” path.

Please note, my recollection are the recollections of a kid looking for adventure. So, while people may adore the mechanics and nostalgia of early films and television (and books), as a kid living it with nothing better available, I did not appreciate its art [continue reading…].

Just fiddling with my categories

Hi Everyone. This post is really for those following. I’m not sure if you’re notified of updated posts or just new ones, but thought I’d better warn you, just in case. If you get inundated with notifications that I am updating everything – I’m not. What I’m doing is fiddling with is the categories of each post in an attempt to be neater.

Cheers!  🙂


Sci-fi – Not their genre of choice. What?


What if I call it a spaceship and alien science-fiction-action-adventure-thriller with a touch of erotica (not overdone, but what’s there is bloody good), right? Hmmm. Okay.

Science fiction on its own sounds so dry, doesn’t it? An awful lot of people tell me they really liked my book, The Khekarian Threat, even though it’s not their genre of choice. Friends, family members, even complete strangers have told me this. Hey, some got the follow up, The King’s Sacrifice, so I’m doing something write – oops, right – as an author.

I understand people who aren’t attracted to science fiction. I really do. I got into science fiction because I had such a bad time with it as a kid. I hated it. I’ve written elsewhere that whenever I read a book I didn’t enjoy, or saw a movie I thought could be better, I’d rework it in my mind to be the way I wanted it to be. I did that a lot, usually as I drifted off to sleep or when I sat in a boring class (occasionally both at the same time). Most of all I did that with science fiction. That’s how I became a writer.

I wanted science fiction but I didn’t like it because usually it did not give me what I thought science fiction should be. I wanted it to be about people. I wanted it to be about living in space or on new and alien worlds. I wanted it to be exciting and full of exotic challenges. I wanted to feel as though I was there!

[continue reading]

Book II More Important than Book I

Have you ever been ambushed by a notion? You know, you’re going along, minding your own business, when something leaps onto your head and burrows into your mind and you never can get rid of it. Like that.

No one told me when I was writing Book I that Book II would be more important. I thought Book I was the important one, you know, launch the series, get it started, introduce the main characters and set up the fun stuff.

I got jumped by that realization when I got going on Book II.

Why, I hear you ask, why is it so? (I’m a writer, I can make this stuff up if I want to). 🙂

Because Book II is the link between Book I and Book III.

Yeah, yeah, I know, but stay with me, I’ll explain.

Book I gets a reader started on what hopefully will become an interesting and exciting journey along the series. Obviously Book I is vital. Book II is vital for a different reason. [Continue reading…]