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High-tech, low-tech, a blend of technologies, and a Glock by any other name…

It’s a sci-fi, so why do most of the guns shoot bullets? That’s old technology, right? Not really. The bottom line is, it’s cheap technology. In The Khekarian Threat, Sevi has an energy-blaster that can do great damage (and does). Then again, she’s an elite soldier bodyguard for a Khekarian VIP and you would expect her to have all the high technology she might require.

The Good Guys, on the other hand, have low tech projectile-firing weapons used sparingly. They are not fighters or shooters or hunters. They don’t need fancy high-priced guns. They didn’t expect the battle they ended up in.

The truth of the matter is that ordinary people the world over don’t have the latest and greatest in all things. If cash is tight, people just won’t go for expensive unimportant things, especially when cheap will do. When things are really tight, of course, you don’t get the best in the important things, either. People make do according to what they can afford. It’s been like that down through the ages, and I would expect the future to be no different.

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Okay, who brought in the psychic?

Why is there a psychic in my science fiction? She “doesn’t belong”. “Science fiction should be all about science.”

I disagree. A novel ought to be a bloody good story, no matter its genre. A lot of time and effort and love goes into it, so let’s not chop out the people.

I write about spaceships and alien worlds. I include interesting technologies and aspects of teleport I’ve never seen in any other book or film. There’s actually a heck of a lot you can do with teleport. [Continue reading…]

THANK YOU from A.D. Everard

A big THANK YOU for all of you who invested your time and downloaded a free copy of The Khekarian Threat, a science fiction novel and the first in The Khekarian Series. That free offer is now finished. At the end of its run, I managed to give away 200 copies and, while I know that is a modest number, it pleases me very much. [Continue reading…]

Final day for this FREE science fiction – The Khekarian Threat (Kindle edition).

Aleisha is psychic, she sees things she doesn’t want to see. She’s not trained and can’t direct it and now a ruthless Khekarian Prince will use her in his bid to return to power. It’s a nasty situation, Sturn doesn’t take no for an answer and Sevi is the force that backs him. Aleisha is looking at a lifetime enslaved in the brutal Khekarian Expansion if she doesn’t escape from the two Khekarians first. [Continue reading…]

When I say erotica, do I mean sex? YES (Free Kindle edition, last days). [Check Dates]

Science fiction with sex? YES. Is it explicit? YES. Everything I write, I put full effort into, if I’m going to write it, I write it properly and in full. Does that make it pornographic? No, it’s got a full-blown story around it which does NOT involve characters hopping into bed with each other every few pages (although some would like to and relationships are certainly there). Sorry to disappoint anyone. Although the novel is not full of it, if you like good sex in a book (or even bad sex, if you get my drift), you’ll enjoy this read. [Keep reading…]

Science fiction erotica (Free Kindle edition, day 3 of 5)

The Khekarian Threat contains erotica and is meant for the mature reader. It is not a light story. It is not a romance. It is an adventure for adults. Deeply researched, from the technologies adopted to the psychology of the characters, a lot of time and effort has gone into its creation. [Keep reading…]

Science fiction freebie (Kindle edition)

The Khekarian Threat, almost 600 pages of sci-fi novel, downloadable in full – click here.  To find out what it’s about, click here. You can even read the first four chapters, click Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4.

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The Khekarian Threat available FREE (Kindle version only).

The Khekarian Threat is a big juicy science fiction. I’m talking space-ships and aliens, not some jaunt into near-future politics or life under drab or threatening policy. I’m talking planet exploration and pioneering communities – advanced technology, adventure, love, lust, war, sex – more lust – and interesting things that can be done with teleport (no, no, no, nothing to do with love, lust or sex).

If you want to know what the story is about, click here to read the back-of-book teaser.

If you want to read the first four chapters first, they are available to read on this blog, click Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

If you want to go to Amazon Kindle and download your copy, click here.

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