Book 2 – The King’s Sacrifice

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The Khekarian Emperor demands a sacrifice.
That sacrifice must be Chiddran.
That sacrifice must be royal.

In a war between Empires there can be no mercy,
even when the conquered people put forward
a powerful blood offering.

 Emperor Kyhlin is determined to put to death war hostage, Chiddran Princess Shalsey, for the attempted assassination of the Imperial Son, his heir.

 Ialle, Ensceln’s Khekarian King and conqueror, will do everything he can to save Shalsey’s life, even if he must go against her will and
accept the blood of her people.

 That decision will destroy them both. If Ialle succeeds,
Shalsey will live, but she will
never forgive him. If he fails, she will die and
he will never forgive himself.



Available in Kindle and paperback.

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8 thoughts on “Book 2 – The King’s Sacrifice

  1. Uzoma

    I’m so happy for you, Allyson. Your works and success encourages me to work harder. Wish you a wonderful launch by then. Oh! The cover; it does have a come-get-me touch. Love the look face of that man (right?) on the cover.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Thank you again, Uzoma. It’s wonderful to know that my own efforts encourage another – you already write so well. I enjoy reading your work.

      A man on the cover, yes. Meet Chenti (and that makes you the first to be told his name). 🙂

  2. Marie

    I just purchased The Kings Sacrifice and can’t wait to read it.. What a birthday present to myself and it was published on my birthday..

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Marie – A most wonderful Happy Birthday to you! I am so thrilled, what wonderful timing.

      Please know, I have not posted the release yet as there has been a formatting issue with The King’s Sacrifice – minor – a spacing between paragraphs. The correction is in place and I am waiting the 12 hour wait for publishing. If you don’t like the spacing, I believe you can download again (I have been so frustrated with the delay).

      Thank you so much, I do so hope you like it.

      A big hug, and a champagne glass held high to you. Thank you, my friend.



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