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To both Delight and Disappoint


This last weekend, things really opened up for me and I made a tremendous amount of progress on my current project, book 3 in the Khekarian series, The Bastard Line – the problems seem to have all dissolved and I am currently around the halfway mark of a 500-600 page book.

This might not sound so good, given my scheduled date of choice to publish (July), but it is huge when you consider I was only a quarter of the way only a couple of weeks ago and still struggling.

Things are going so well, I am going to run with it – I may not make the chosen publishing date, but I won’t be as far off it as I feared. That’s the delightful news. I can also tell you that I know at this point that I have a good story, as complex and intricate as my previous ones, and it won’t disappoint.

So what is the disappointment I hinted at in the title?

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The Khekarian Threat – limited free Kindle edition – Last day-ish


This books contains – Sex, erotica, action-adventure with a (gentle) occult theme, technology, interplanetary travel, alien worlds, aliens, a war of galactic proportion, violence and coarse language – I know I’ve mentioned the 30-page sex scene (admittedly with some fun distraction and action but, for one character, 30 pages it is).

That’s why it’s a fat book, folks! A lot happens!

The freebie ends just before midnight Friday, 23rd May (Standard Pacific Time USA). That’s sometime today (I think).

Over the page, once again, is a repeat of yesterday’s info and link, and next week I’ll get back into chatting. Oh, and I’ll be absent for the next two days.

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The Khekarian Threat – limited free Kindle edition – Day 4-ish



The freebie ends just before midnight Friday, 23rd May (Standard Pacific Time USA) Yes I will get back to writing about writing next week, thank your for your patience.

Over the page is a repeat of yesterday’s info and link to get your mitts on this 590 page sci-fi novel. 590 is not a typo, I write fat books.

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The Khekarian Threat on Kindle – Giveaway on Day 3-ish


It’s hard to tell with it being a different time zone and a different country – the Kindle freebie expires just before midnight on Friday 23rd May  (Standard Pacific Time USA) and only comes around once every three months if I remember to set it up – in other words, grab it while you can.

To all regular readers, I apologize for having no more of interest this week, but as many people only browse once a week or less, I need to announce the giveaway daily while it’s on.

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Up for Grabs – The Khekarian Threat on Kindle, free until midnight Friday


The Khekarian Threat, the first book in the sci-fi Khekarian series is up for grabs, going out free on Kindle for a five day period (ending around midnight of Friday the 23rd of May USA Standard Pacific Time).

I like to run this freebie every three months (the maximum allowed by Kindle), but as I’m generally pretty busy back here, I often run late on it as I don’t realize the three months are up. Because of that, it might be three months or longer before this comes around again, so grab it while you can.

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Okay, it’s on – A Free Kindle Science Fiction


The Khekarian Threat, the first book in the Khekarian series is going out free on Kindle for a five day period (ending around midnight of Friday the 23rd of May USA Eastern Standard Pacific Time) – Clicking “continue reading” below will take you to the rest of this post (still at this blog) where I’ve stashed the outgoing link to the free Kindle book at Amazon, along with instructions on how to download it (if you’re new to this kind of thing) – ALSO available through that same Amazon link is a downloadable free Kindle reader if you don’t have Kindle and don’t want one, so you can read The Khekarian Threat on your personal computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.

I cannot tell you if you will like this book, because there is no such thing as a book that everybody loves, but I can say that if it grabs you at all, it will grab you completely. Most people who have read it, love it. Give it a go. It’s free. Enjoy.

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Up-And-Coming Sci-Fi Freebie


It’s Saturday here in Australia, and so I’m off again until USA Monday (got to get more work done, folks) – While I’m here though, I want to let you know that the freebie Kindle version of Book One (The Khekarian Threat) will be available next week, Monday to Friday, USA time.

Kindle only allows me to do this once every three months and sometimes I forget.

Anyway, I will post links once it’s on, and also add a link where you can go to download a free Kindle reader for those who don’t have Kindle and would like to read the book on their personal computer.


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Body Language


Dialogue can be difficult and writers can be unhappy with their results, they’ve been inside characters’ heads, they know what they want to say and they say it, then they play with those words of dialogue because something just isn’t sitting right – No matter what they do, something is wrong, something is missing and they just can’t seem to clinch it.

It might not be the dialogue at all that’s causing the issue. It might be something that should be surrounding it and is often forgotten by writers more concerned with the message contained in the spoken word. Communication has many layers, so if you’re having trouble with writing dialogue, have you considered including body language?

People don’t just yammer at each other. They move, they stretch, they raise their eyebrows, smile, laugh or frown, fold their arms, slouch, flap their hands around, or drink, smoke, eat. Dialogue often happens on the move, walking down a street, crossing a shopping mall, or in a car or bus.

Adding body language and movement can fill the scene and give the reader more than dialogue alone. You don’t want your readers feeling they might as well be listening through the wall because they are unable to see anything. You want them in the room, at the table, or out on the street or in the taxi. You want your readers to be there. So, what are they going to see if they were present? Who does what while all this talk is going on?

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Middle of the Night Stints – Capturing the Gems


Yes, I know, I’m late, I’m blogging outside my usual time slot and for the next couple of months that might become the way of things – As the manuscript for book 3 comes together, I’m seeing it much more clearly – As I’m seeing it more clearly, solutions and ideas for those gaps are coming with more precision, all of which often lands… yes, in the middle of the night.

If I’m awake and it’s working, I’m up taking advantage of it. There are too many natural blockages and delays out there to hamper the creative process, and a writer soon learns to grab those golden flashes of inspiration and every opportunity to capture the gems.

Lately I’ve been waking in the middle of the night or early in the morning. In this house, the day starts at 4:30. We get moving at that time because Greg has a long drive in to work (we live rural), so when I talk about an early start, I mean around 2:00 in the morning.

I love it. Middle of the night stints have an extra layer of loveliness to them because nothing else needs to be done. It’s pure writing time.

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