The Storyline


The Khekarian Series – The Storyline.

Yes, there are sci-fi high-tech battles and clashes in the Khekarian series – Not yet hostile armies screaming over the horizons (well, just a bit), but certainly one-on-one situations as things heat up and tensions mount.

There’s a lot at stake. Control over the entire galaxy, for starters, plus various individuals wanting commanding positions, including Imperial Crowns. It’s a battle of extreme importance between two empires, the Khekarians on one side, who want to take it all, and the Chiddran on the other, who want to just hang on to their own.

The Terrans, who have colonized a mere sliver of the galaxy, are in possession of a planet on which there is an alien life-form that could tip the balance and deliver ultimate power to one empire or the other.

Both the Khekarians and the Chiddran know about this new species, both sides are exploring how to connect with and use the potential they can see. It’s a race against time. The Terrans, ignorant or unbelieving, have no chance to stop either side from taking full advantage, and quite possibly the planet, as well.

Can a small band of Terrans stop the aggressive Khekarians from dominating the galaxy?

There’s only one way to find out.

Books 1 (The Khekarian Threat) and 2 (The King’s Sacrifice) are available in Kindle and paperback (click HERE). Book 3 (The Bastard Line) is currently underway and will be available in October 2014.

I’ve loved writing these books. You’re going to love reading these books. What more can I say?

Cheers, all!



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