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Why a Series is Brilliant – Reading and Writing ‘em.

From a reading perspective, getting into a series is great. Once you’re familiar with the set up of characters and the backdrop their tales are told against, reading a new book in the series is like curling up in a comfortable chair, the fire lit and a glass of your favorite right to hand. Time for a good read. Yes, it’s that comfortable. You know in advance it’s going to be good. You already know the background, you don’t have to learn it. It’s easy to slip into the right mindset, the right place in the story and find out what your favorite characters are up to this time, or even meet new ones.

Writing a series is good, too, pretty much for the same reasons. When the galaxy has been sorted out (I write science fiction) and you know who’s who, writing is faster and easier because the backdrop is already done, already there, already wonderful. The politics are sorted, the structure, the scope.

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Aaaargh! At least it’s out.

The book, that is, The King’s Sacrifice, not the “Aaaargh!” Then again, that’s probably better out, too.

So, what happened? What took so long? Was I slacking off? Sick? Not here? None of the above. After getting the stages 1, 2 and 3 done, I was hot to trot, but found myself besieged by a series of delays that took me from Tuesday (Monday in the USA) all the way up to Sunday (Saturday in the USA). I never stopped moving forward, but at times it was achingly slow with every delay adding an extra 12 to 24 hours onto the wait.

Gremlins? Had to be! Maybe I just noticed it more. When my first book, The Khekarian Threat, went up, no one was expecting it (I wasn’t blogging then), so very few knew about it and I had no sense of anyone waiting. Those who were, of course, had no idea if the book would really be any good, so it was all very laid back and polite.

This time around, with The Khekarian Threat a strong favourite, the eagerness for The King’s Sacrifice was palpable (love you guys and gals), and I felt that every delay kept you waiting, too.

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The King’s Sacrifice – RELEASED

Custom Book Cover Allyson Book 2 official ebook

Yah! The King’s Sacrifice is out. It’s up there now on Amazon, no more waiting. It’s a big fat read with two entwining stories squashed into it. Fast-paced science fiction for mature readers (sex, coarse language), the lot. $4.95 for Kindle and $19.95 for the paperback.

Go direct to Amazon from HERE, or click on the picture of the book in the right hand margin [which will be up any second now].

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Stages 1, 2, 3 complete. Yippee!

Yes, over the weekend, my tried and trusted official reader (hubby Greg) finished reading “The King’s Sacrifice”, 2nd in the Khekarian series (science fiction), and has given his approval. His words? “Excellent read. If anything, better than the first book.” He loved it.

Funnily enough, I thought it was marginally better, too, which is saying something as I am thrilled to bits with the first one, “The Khekarian Threat”. I put that notion down to the second story being fresher to me, having spent so much time in the first one, but as that is not the case for Greg, there must be more to it than that. That makes book 2 crash hot, if I may be permitted a complete lack of modesty here [cough, cough -blush-].

So, what are we waiting for?

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Overlapping Stages 2 and 3

As many know by now, I am working through the final stages to get The King’s Sacrifice, book two of the Khekarian Series (science fiction) up and running. Simply put, this involves having a final look at it from different perspectives, plus gleaning the views of my trusted reader/hubby.

So far, due to other commitments, Greg’s read through is slower than we had anticipated.

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So far so good

All is fine so far in stage one of my final preparations for the launch of The King’s Sacrifice, book two in the Khekarian Series (sci fi).

Stage one involves editing and formatting, giving the final polish and to check for anything I might have missed. This is going well.

Making ready for stage two (utilizing my volunteer reader), Greg is shifting his commitments around, cramming his studying into lunch breaks, generally making room in his busy schedule and freeing up as much of the weekend as he can. He won’t get it finished in a weekend, but a weekend gives him the biggest space in which to get immersed.

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