Writing Addiction!

I’m not sure when writing addiction kicks in because it sneaks up on a writer – I have no idea when or even how, I just know that it’s there and I recognize some of the signs.

  • I know that when I go to sleep, I linger with my characters and plots.
  • I wake up and find my thoughts immediately turn to the story I am working on.
  • During the day, I’ll lose my place with what I am doing because my thoughts have drifted to my characters and action.
  • I think more clearly with a pen in my hand.
  • I get excited by blank paper, particularly thick pads of it.
  • I know that a “good” day is a day I get some writing done and a “bad” day is when I do not – no matter the other circumstances or achievements.


I’m addicted! That’s it. No cure and no want of any. If you’re a writer, I’ll bet you anything that you’re addicted, too.

Is there any more you can add to that list? What signs do you see of your addiction?




4 thoughts on “Writing Addiction!

  1. barn7777

    I think you nailed it with the major signs of writing addiction. I know my major sign is the story I have in mind staying in my thoughts the whole day and staying there until I start writing the story or the idea on paper 🙂

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Yep – you’ve got it! 😀 It’s nice, though, isn’t it? I know if my love of writing, my addiction, my abilities, were taken away from me, I would be hollow. It’s as though 90% of me, or higher, is a writer and nothing else. This is what I have to be.

  2. EagleAye

    There’s worse things to be addicted to. It’s kinda like being addicted to a sport…what’s wrong with that? Good on you for being addicted to something creative, I say.


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