The Khekarian Threat – Day 3 free on Kindle.

books 1 and 2

Only the FIRST of these two books, The Khekarian Threat is currently going out for free on Kindle or to a Kindle reader app for your PC, smartphone or tablet, downloadable free from Amazon (see links posted below) – the free download of The Khekarian Threat lasts until midnight (USA, Pacific Standard Time), Friday, 23rd August (yes, 2013, for those who find this post somewhere in the distant future – don’t worry, I’ll do it again).

I’ve had only six reviews so far, and they are excellent, four of them were 5 stars, one was 4 and one was 3 (that’s hot!).

The second book shown here, The King’s Sacrifice, is also collecting some reviews – two so far, both for 5 stars – a big THANK YOU to the people who read it and loved it enough to comment. I cannot express how much that means to me. Seriously, it’s not the writer’s view that is important (we all think we’ve got a brilliant story, or we wouldn’t publish it), it’s the readers’ views that count, so thank you for taking the time and communicating your thoughts to other readers.


The King’s Sacrifice is the second book in the Khekarian Series (The Khekarian Threat is the first), and is $4.95 on Kindle, same as the first one when it is not going out for free.

$4.95 only? For nearly six hundred pages of good read? As good as the first one, which you can grab right now for nothing? YES. Hey, guys, that’s cheap! Oh, and no, I won’t be making The King’s Sacrifice free – a writer has got to eat. Anyhow, I just wanted to show you the gorgeous covers side by side. I even have the third cover… which I will show you shortly.

Who did them? I’ll tell you. Check out The Book Cover Machine and talk to Laura, who did these and will do the rest in the series. You will also find a link to her in my blog margin.

How to get the freebie first book, The Khekarian Threat?

To download to Kindle, click HERE.

(For those not familiar with Amazon downloads, after you go there, check that the Kindle edition registers $0.00, click Kindle edition, then look to the right of the screen for the green box with the yellow “Buy this at a single click” orange button. Don’t worry, if the price was $0.00, you will be charged $0.00).

For those who are interested, but don’t have a Kindle, get your free Kindle app for your PC., your smartphone, tablet, etc., (free), click HERE.

To read those reviews on The Khekarian Threat, click HERE (I like ‘em).

To read the reviews on The King’s Sacrifice, click HERE (I like them, too).

To read more about the Khekarian Threat, with links provided, on this blog, click HERE.

And to read about The King’s Sacrifice, again with links provided, on this blog, click HERE.

That should cover everything. 😀

Do enjoy the read – seriously, it’s good.

Cheers everybody!



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