Splelling Mislakes

A typo is a miost most annoying thing, my fingers often move faster than I think, or have a language of their own – I haven’t worked out which yet – and I now no know I am not the only one.

Yesterday it was vey kindly pointed out to me that I had an error up on the Amazon page list, and it hit like a “Look! Over there! A typo!” moment, when I dropped almost everything and scattered a few more typos in my haste to get over there and make it right.

Don’t bother looking for those scatterings in yesterday’s post, I found and corrected them all (I think). Not so easily done on Amazon’s list page, as it turns out.


The error came from long ago, when The Khekarian Threat was first published, on October 2nd in 2012. On Oct 20th 2012, I corrected it with a complete new upload, which should and I hope did replace the earlier version (especially as I cleared up a few internal typos at the same time).

I suspect that what we see at Amazon is merely the old list page (with the misspelled “Khekariain” in their list), rather than the older work itself – which is a nuisance because I can’t delete it.

As for typos, I’m shore if any are found in this post, they mite even belong hear. Yule never no.

Cheers everyone!



9 thoughts on “Splelling Mislakes

      1. Yuna

        Yes, i have to learn more about that. That’s a nice thing to learn something new everyday, even though i don’t know when will i use it. 😀

  1. winterbayne

    This dyslexic didn’t notice a damn thing wrong. It’s the other 98-90% of the “normal” population who can’t splel. What do they know anyway?


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