Middle of the Night Inspiration.

That’s often the way it is – lying half awake, thoughts naturally turn towards your latest project, thoughts become words, words becomes sentences and some of it starts to sound pretty good.

At some point you become aware that there are pages forming here and if you don’t shift yourself into full wakefulness, get out of bed and go write it all down, you just might lose it.

So you drag yourself out of bed, doing your best to hang onto strings and threads and vague dialogue. Then while your computer powers up, you get the kettle on and wonder what time it is. 2:00 in the morning. That’d be right.

The cats go crazy. It’s romping time and if they’re lucky they get a middle-of-the-night snack. Why not, you think, it’ll keep them quiet. So you feed the cats while the kettle’s boiling and by the time the coffee is made, the computer has finished doing its updates and you can get working.

Now… What was it again?


Yes, that was my morning. How was yours?

Cheers everybody! 😀


16 thoughts on “Middle of the Night Inspiration.

  1. Candice Coates

    You know I have had an entire book play out in my head while in that in between stage of being awake and being asleep. What I have learned to do is keep a journal, a dim light, and a pen handy to scribble it all down quickly before it drifts away. Or I grab my mobile phone and do a voice record thing. (Glad you are back! Had to say that again 🙂 )

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Candice – I do the same with pen and pad of paper, it’s a must! 😀

      It’s good to be back but I’m very slow at picking up the reins and catching up with everyone. I have not forgotten your story Ascension Graveyard and look forward to seeing how it’s going and what happens there. I’m still juggling the have-to and the want-to. Cheers! 🙂

      1. Candice Coates

        Take your time, my friend. You will get blogging again in no time. As far as AG I have posted a few blogs on the progress and process as characters who have not been around and were not going to be around (so I thought) are being added to the story as if they have always been there. I will fix the gaps of the plot with that during rewrite and revisions. And you have to know you are not alone with the have-to and want-to. Want-to always has a greater appeal. 😉

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Hi Candice – thank you so much for understanding. I’m glad Ascension Graveyard continues to inspire you and fire your creativity. I enjoyed very much the characterization I have read so far, and the tension building. I want to know what happens. Do let me know when you’ve done your revisions (if ongoing) as I’d like to read it over from the start so as to flow seamlessly onward. If your changes are planned for later, that’s fine too, I’ll read what’s there.

          I admit, I’m fighting a bit with mine at the moment and am bogged down in rewriting the opening. It’s a horrible place to be stuck as I don’t feel I can judge the flow of the rest of it while the order of the opening is unsettled. I’m getting to grips with it finally this week – at least I know what to do with it now – but everything else seems out the window.

          Cheers to you, have a great week. 🙂

        2. Candice Coates

          Hello again! I will definitely keep you posted on how things are going. As for now I intend to just keep writing and posting the chapters and save the “seemless” rewrite for later as I do intend to do the ebook publishing of that. I really appreciate all the input you have given me thus far. It has been extremely helpful. My hope is to have this first draft completed before the end of April as I have plans for 3 months after that which will keep me away from concentrated writing. I think as the story is now with the additions, the flow is more on the lines of making current readers ask “was that character there from the beginning?” From my perspective I don’t think it will be too hard to follow or even hard at all. I do however recognize there will be a healthy amount of snipping and cutting happening in AG’s future.
          And I totally understand your struggle with your book. I started writing a series when I was 14 (I might have told you?) And I have rewritten it several times BUT I need to rewrite the opening of book one as that one is still very questionable. I hope that this week the words will flow effortlessly for you and that what your soul recognizes needs to be done for the story will translate with ease.
          Hope to hear from you soon and read what is happening in your world!

        3. A.D. Everard Post author

          Thank you hugely, Candice. Your words make me smile, you clearly know exactly what I am talking about and going through. Good luck with yours, too, I know your efforts will pay off, you have true talent. Cheers! 😀

        4. Candice Coates

          😀 Thank you very much for the encouragement. We will both achieve our desired goals in this struggle and we will be better storytellers when it is all said and done. I truly believe that!

        5. Candice Coates

          I hope all is well in your world of writing and that you have been beating the keys of your keyboard in to submission. I need to put up a post about my progress with AG. Lately (and TOTALLY NOT complaining) I have been hit with several new story lines and I have been working to type out their plot and any scenes that pop in my mind before they are lost. AG, well with AG, I have been writing ahead as scenes for the near future of the plot have been coming at me. Which means I need to play catch up with my own story. Oh the art of writing! 🙂

        6. A.D. Everard Post author

          Hi Candice – I have seriously not been keeping up at all. I apologize for this very late reply.

          How wonderful to be hit with such inspiration! I hope it’s all going well and you have managed to capture all the ideas coming at you. I love times like that, busy as they are. I think of you often and wonder how your stories are going. You’re at the top of my list of writers to catch up on – my own work is taking longer than I thought and the pressure is on as I approach the second anniversary of this book’s beginning (scary!).

          Keep well, keep warm. Hugs and Cheers. 😀

        7. Candice Coates

          Hello! Its really good to hear from you! I have been stopping by your blog to see if you have posted recently so this is a very happy surprise. Things have been going very well. I am still getting used to the idea that I absolutely have more time to write and that all I need to do is, well, write. The stories are coming like crazy but I still need to get AG done. Getting closer to the end, although I have spent less time writing that story because I haven’t wanted to lose the others. To that end, I understand about stories taking longer than expected. You are leaps and bounds ahead of me with having already published, though. And ah, is it approaching chilly weather for you? The heat is on hear, I have two fans on high as its not warm enough for the cost of AC but it is warm. Do take care and keep up the good work. I am sure you are very close to that magic moment you are working towards! Cheers to you too my friend and happy writing 🙂

        8. A.D. Everard Post author

          Hi Candice. Thank you so much, your encouragement is always appreciated. I’m thrilled things are still romping along at a high pace for you, and it’s good that you are taking time out from one story to catch what you must of the others. That is important. Some things are so fleeting and must be grabbed at once.

          I hope to post more regularly – I actually didn’t realize how much time was going by and suddenly realized it had been awhile. I apologize for that and thank you for keeping an eye on my site while so busy yourself!

          Happy writing to you too. 😀

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