“Is there Sex in there yet?”

Ever since that mega-sex scene in The Khekarian Threat (you’ll know which sex scene I mean when you get there, there will be no doubt whatsoever), my husband Greg has insisted there be more like it in the following books on the basis that readers will be disappointed if there is not – Not only that, but he claims if I can’t do a thirty-page stint in each and every book, I should at least put in six five-page stints, or some combination that equals that.


Hey, mister, I can’t just put sex scenes in anywhere.

“Why not?” he wants to know.

Because, it’s got to fit into the story, that’s why. It can’t just be added to spice things up and for no other reason – people notice that sort of thing. If you’ve got nothing else but people hopping into bed every other page, there’s not much to be said for plot.

“But six sex scenes in 600 pages is only one scene per hundred,” he reasoned (he’s quite good at that).



Okay, okay, as readers already know, I’ve got a few sex scenes into book two (The King’s Sacrifice) and that worked. So, yes, naturally, there will be some sex scenes in book three (The Bastard Line) by the time I’ve finished it.

“Good!” says Greg.

The other day, he came home and instead of the usual, “How many pages today, dear?” he asked outright, “Is there sex in there yet?”

There will be, there will be!


(Actually, I’m glad he likes my writing, and he does – not just the sex scenes.)


Cheers all,


2 thoughts on ““Is there Sex in there yet?”

  1. Uzoma

    It’s a very good thing that you have a very supportive husband. Some writers don’t have this special privilege.

    Many kudos to you on your writing. The book size is an amazing feat 😀

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Thank you, Uzoma! There was so much to go in it. Now, of course, I have to write the whole series like that – fat books! But it’s working. 😀

      You are also right about some writers not having the privilege of good support, and I’ve been there. I recently touched on such non-support from my early life in “More on readers – you’re a reader, too“.

      I don’t often get onto anything so negative, and believe me, I left most of it out. It’s one of the reasons I’m so supportive of others and why I try to be upbeat.

      Greg was the first person who stood by me all the way. My family disapproved, and still do. My first husband did not like me writing about men, then didn’t like me writing at all, I ended up hiding it from him. Believe me, I appreciate Greg’s encouragement, openness and lack of jealousy. He is also my official reader and error finder and I trust his views completely. I would be lost without him.

      Oh, and he likes Sevi, too. 😀 😀 😀


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