He just needs to Capture a Specimen.


Sturn is half Terran, but his ways are purely Khekarian – he has a taste for violence and for killing – Where he comes from, such pastimes are not frowned upon.

Born of nobility, before being exiled, he resided at a level in Khekarian hierarchy that allows for the use of war captives. Mainly the captives are exploited for reasons of training and pleasure, but none of them last long in the arenas. It is from here that Sturn developed his blood-lust.

Book One of the series finds Sturn after ten years in exile along the Terran Sector, desperate to return to the Core of the Khekarian Empire and to take up again the reins of power. He needs to bargain his way back in, and he thinks he’s found a way in the mythical alien-native of Zumaridi, the abilities of which could substantially boost the war effort against the Chiddran. He just needs to capture a specimen.

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