You don’t need the whole series to enjoy these books.

books 1 and 2

The Khekarian Threat giveaway reached over 200 people, so a big THANK YOU to all who downloaded a copy of this near 600 page sexy psychic sci-fi adventure story – yes, it really is all that, and more – but for those who missed out, the cost for this read on Kindle is only $4.95 (USD) and worth much more (personally, I object to Kindle books being as expensive as, or dearer than, paperbacks, and priced mine accordingly).

For all who have read The Khekarian Threat and enjoyed it, I will point out that book two of the series, The King’s Sacrifice, is out now and available at the same price – $4.95 on Kindle and $19.95 as a paperback (USD plus shipping).

Each book in The Khekarian Series is a stand-alone book – meaning you don’t need the whole series to enjoy each book. A series is not a serial. That means each of my books has a climax and a conclusion and can be read alone.


The next in the series is on its way and I will discuss that more fully next week.

Again, a heartfelt thank you to all who are following this story with interest and enthusiasm.

Cheers, 😀


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