Yes, it’s been a while.

I’m sorry, folks, for my long absence. Life happens and occasionally gets in the way. This time it was for a long time and it’s likely to continue. This is just to list a few things that are happening and what my plans are (for any of my long suffering followers, if there are any still around).

1:         Like many of us, I’m waiting for the world to return to sanity. I’m actually optimistic on this front as people worldwide are fed up with all the nonsense and are pushing back. I’m talking EVERYTHING.

2:         My publishing company closed its doors, so I’ll need to find a new one. I lost my cover designer too as she moved on to do other things with her life – raising a family and writing (both huge tasks in their own right). I wish her all the best, but I do miss her artistic abilities. I’ll need to find a new designer.

3:         I have decided to finish the Khekarian series before republishing the first two books of the six, “The Khekarian Threat” and “The King’s Sacrifice”. This will allow for some changes and also – hopefully – be less frustrating for readers wanting to move on in the series straight away and not wait for them to be written first. Yes, I’m sorry to say it will take time.


4:         I will find both a new publishing home and cover designer AFTER I have finished the series.

5:         I am currently NOT on social networks, giving up Twitter and Face Book some time ago. There are new ones out there and more coming. I will let you know where I land when the time comes. For now I will continue not to be active online.That’s it. Please know that I’m alive and well, as is my family, two-legged and four. I just needed time-out from writing and publishing/promoting. I will let you all know how it’s going from time to time. Thank you for understanding.Cheers, all.