Writing Weather – The Wind Howls

We’re in Winter here in Australia and the last few days have been moody and cold – we had sleet all yesterday and the wind didn’t let up at all – Around the alcove at the front door and in the eaves outside my office window, the wind whistles and howls in true ghostly style – maybe I should be writing horror stories…

The sound is with me all through the day. I like it, though, it reminds me that I am snug and warm and that it’s wet out there. It generates a great writing mood. It also makes me think I’m living in a castle…


You bet I take advantage of it. The weather, that is, not thinking I’m living in a castle… although they have their place, too, even in science fiction.

Does the weather influence the mood of your work? Do you have favorite writing weather? Do you imagine living in a castle?

Here, the only thing I am lacking is the sound of ghostly chains… Oops! That’s definitely the wrong genre, and I thought I had it under control…

Cheers, all!



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