Writing and a Universe with a Sense of Humor.

What is it about writers? Take them away from their computers, their notepads and pens, isolate them from their work and – whammo – inspiration will hit every time.

It will be urgent. Words will flow with perfection. The writer will turn to their inner blackboards and capture their prose there, only the mental blackboard really is too small and fills up all too quickly. They’ll run through several of those, then turn to other means, other methods, finally resorting to etching words into their arms and/or legs with anything sharp to hand – fingernails, sticks – anything.


Readers of my blog will know that I have been very busy lately, not only in Blogsville but also in my writing. What you won’t know is that I am also very busy in life itself with a potential move underway. It’s going to happen one way or another, but we’re pushing for now and that means organizing things here with officialdom, namely a house valuation.

So I’m up to my neck in lawn rakings and ivy control and there’s a million things to do, and of course the ideas are flowing like crazy.

By this morning I realized I missed posting yesterday, but I’ve also sorted out several dire areas in my plot for Book Three and things are finally looking all plugged together. Now I just have to pluck out all those words I’m storing in the ether around me and on the skin of my arms and legs, and capture them on computer or paper!

Happy weekend, everyone. I hope yours is shaping up the way you want it to.

Cheers! 😀


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