Writing – A Method of Survival.

Believe it or not, I was a shy kid, I found it easier to express my emotions through my writing and my fiction became my strongest venting place.

If I was angry, I’d write angry scenes. If I was upset, I’d weep through the eyes of my characters. I explored emotions and reactions, searched for solutions, and distracted myself from my life, all through the written word.

I pretty well moved into my early stories and stayed there as long and as often as I could. I fell asleep each night, there in my fictional worlds. I woke and slipped within my story again before even getting out of bed. Then I wondered why I missed so much in school, why I didn’t hear instruction and why my report card always said, “Must try harder.”

Over the years I found my own strengths, founded in solid experience (much of it taken aboard for the sake of my writing), but still the habit remains – I automatically step inside my current story as easily as breathing, frequently throughout the day. It’s such a part of me now, I’d be lost if it ever went away.


Was I introverted? Yes. I don’t regard myself that way anymore, although I do remain reclusive.

So, is writing a method of our survival? For some of us, undoubtedly. It’s certainly a method of our expression.

Some of us even get so good at it that we can remain there. Now, I like that! 😀

Cheers, all.



14 thoughts on “Writing – A Method of Survival.

  1. Fredrik Kayser

    Writing was what saved me at one point in my life, quite litterally. If it hadn’t been for my discovering the urge to write I’d have still been mired deep in addiction (not gambling but the same type i.e. not chemical but equally destructive). The urge to write, the only way I knew of to fully express myself became my way out, hehe, in one way I guess you could argue that I replaced one addiction for another. 🙂

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      It’s true, writing is indeed an addiction, but at least a fun one and not bad for the health. I’m glad you discovered writing and that it helped you through such a time. 🙂


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