Why I don’t give away the plot.

This is for Beth*, a lady I know, a lovely friend of mine who doesn’t like to know the plot ahead of time, who doesn’t even like to read the teaser page on the back of a book, she wants the whole thing to be a surprise – Before she told me that, I didn’t know that some people value a book to that extent, that any example would spoil the reading experience for them – and I have respected that ever since.

So, apart from telling you I write science fiction and that the Khekarian series is an adventure, with some erotica, graphic sex, coarse language, violence and – not forgetting what annoys some people – societies that accept psychic reality, the only way you’re going to know any details is to look at the samples I have listed. They’ll be found in the side menu to the right, or from the drop-down menu. I have the first four and a half chapters from book 1, and other sections from book 1 and 2 – so they are there, but they do not intrude into the blog itself.

I did toy with the idea of popping in a section of prose every now and then, but dismissed the notion when I realized that although some would enjoy it, for many it is not why they visit my blog. More importantly, for a valuable few, it would spoil things immeasurably.


I am, however, quite skilled at talking about the story and characters without giving anything important away. In fact, I’m even quite skilled at talking about nothing at all, or so I am told, a not-so-rare talent I have mastered quite well.

So, apart from my usual waffle, you’ll hear about Va’el tripping me up, or Sevi throwing yet another spanner in the works, and the way certain characters (both of them, for a start!) go their own way, usually to the greater good, even if I’m dragged along kicking and screaming. But I will do my best not to spoil anything for any reader.

UPDATE: *I don’t mean Beth – I mean Masher. Big bloke. Tattoos. Dark glasses and a trench coat. Oh, and he hates shoes.


Cheers, all.


6 thoughts on “Why I don’t give away the plot.

  1. beth

    My own page!

    Thank you for your discretion.
    And yes, I want it to be all fresh and new and shiny the first time I read it.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      I know I should have asked first, but I thought it would be okay provided I stuck to first name only – however, I could always dress you up in dark glasses and paint on a moustache (i.e. I could change your name to something else).

      And, see? I value your opinion. You have influence on this blog. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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