Why a Series is Brilliant – Reading and Writing ‘em.

From a reading perspective, getting into a series is great. Once you’re familiar with the set up of characters and the backdrop their tales are told against, reading a new book in the series is like curling up in a comfortable chair, the fire lit and a glass of your favorite right to hand. Time for a good read. Yes, it’s that comfortable. You know in advance it’s going to be good. You already know the background, you don’t have to learn it. It’s easy to slip into the right mindset, the right place in the story and find out what your favorite characters are up to this time, or even meet new ones.

Writing a series is good, too, pretty much for the same reasons. When the galaxy has been sorted out (I write science fiction) and you know who’s who, writing is faster and easier because the backdrop is already done, already there, already wonderful. The politics are sorted, the structure, the scope.


Not only that, it grows. You solidify what you already have and it expands. New characters bring with them their stories and, with that, new facets of the whole are generated.

A quick glance at the galaxy I created shows that the Khekarians own just over half of it. They are distantly related to Terrans, aggressive and the instigators of a century long war with the Chiddran, who own a full third of the galaxy. That makes the Terrans the latecomers and the weakest, owning only a tiny sliver of what’s left. They are neutral in the scheme of things, but everyone knows that the Khekarians have their eye on mastering the entire galaxy, so things can get a little tense.

This gives me a lot of planets, people and societies to play with, all with the same backdrop (the Khekarian/Chiddran war). The wonderful thing is, it just keeps branching out – the field is open, the scope unlimited. What’s not to like?

Cheers, all!



7 thoughts on “Why a Series is Brilliant – Reading and Writing ‘em.

  1. Yuna

    “reading a new book in the series is like curling up in a comfortable chair, the fire lit and a glass of your favorite right to hand. Time for a good read. Yes, it’s that comfortable.” –>> yes, yes, yes, absolutely. You are not forget about a glass of favorite drink. i love it!!!

    another intriguing introduction of second book. 🙂

  2. Uzoma

    I admire what your progress with this story. Without doubt, once the first part (book) has been set in motion, the others tend to follow in an easier manner. I, too, love the idea that already existing characters will be meeting up with new ones; some will die/fade away in the process.

    I currently have a story (erotica) I intend to turn into a series book (1 and 2). Hopefully I will begin revisit it soonest.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Uzoma. 🙂 I find this series is growing, and it’s great. I keep bumping into new characters that have such stories to tell – I don’t think I will run out of ideas any time soon.

      Excellent news about your series, I hope it goes well – and I look forward to reading it.

      Cheers. 😀

  3. writingsprint

    I haven’t done a series yet — I don’t have any ideas for a multi-book story yet. I would think the hard part is setting it up so that the continuity is a strength and different pieces of the series show you something different as it grows.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      I started off with the idea for one book – then my characters took off and brought a whole heap in to play with, which I happily indulged in. Before I knew it, I had a series. The beautify of a sci-fi series, if it’s beyond one planet, is that you have the whole galaxy to romp around in. Planets can be totally different, likewise characters AND their situations. The backdrops – a distant (or close) war, the divide of the galaxy and the politics, all mean I don’t have to reinvent from scratch. so, yes, it adds strength and continuity.

      I aim for each book to be a stand-alone book, and each does and will have it’s own climax, but the whole story moves on throughout all. It’s fun to balance that, to give an ending, yet still continue on. 😀


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