“What weekend?”

Some of you will have noticed that I’ve gone back to posting every day – Some of you will have noticed that some days, I’ve posted twice – It’s all very simple, having connected up with Twitter earlier and now Facebook and LinkedIn and StumbleUpon, I’m fattening up my pages in those places by going through my old postings and sharing them.

Not everything is going through, just the interesting and relevant bits, and occasionally I find one that I want to bring forward here, too, and so I do.


In the background I am getting lots of writing done, I managed a massive amount yesterday, sorting out a further two chapters. Another two will get hammered crafted into place today. I’m over the “sticky bits” and am racing forward.

I hope you’re all doing well with your projects, and I hope you had a great weekend.

Happy writing, everyone.




4 thoughts on ““What weekend?”

  1. tvkapherr (Cats at the Bar)

    Exciting news! I got your book in the mail!!! Love that new book smell.♡ Thank you for the inscription. Now I just have to find time to read!!! Your doing great. I love seeing you pop up every where.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      I’m so glad it arrived okay and relatively quickly, too! 😀 My handwriting is a bit like a doctors – fast and messy, I’m glad you could read it.

      Big Cheers to you. 😀

  2. winterbayne

    Yes on FB & Twitter now! You must come do word wars with us this Tuesday US night time. See my blog post today when it pops up. I’m finally all linked up via WP now too. Had FB & Twitter but added the rest last week.


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