Up for Grabs – The Khekarian Threat on Kindle, free until midnight Friday

The Khekarian Threat, the first book in the sci-fi Khekarian series is up for grabs, going out free on Kindle for a five day period (ending around midnight of Friday the 23rd of May USA Standard Pacific Time).

I like to run this freebie every three months (the maximum allowed by Kindle), but as I’m generally pretty busy back here, I often run late on it as I don’t realize the three months are up. Because of that, it might be three months or longer before this comes around again, so grab it while you can.


Below is a link to Amazon’s Kindle Edition of The Khekarian Threat. Be sure that the price is zero, then click the orange “Buy this at a single click” button (to the right of the screen in the green box). You will be charged $0.00.

If you don’t have a Kindle device, Amazon supplies free Kindle apps for your personal computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. The link is on that same Kindle Edition page, directly below the green box.

The Khekarian Threat (Kindle freebie).

Happy reading, everyone!



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