Up and… kinda crawling… but at least I don’t have my slippers on back-to-front.

Vast improvement – yesterday was the last day I got out of bed only to sit and recover from getting out of bed (yes it was that bad) I’m now playing it super-safe and will no doubt get healthier as a result – I’ve gone back a century or more on diet – Yep, that’s it, food-wise, I’m following my great-grandmother’s ways – if I have to chop it, wash it or peel it, it’s probably okay – all packets, all instant and all food additives are OUT, as are breads and other starches.

It was a massive blow-out on tolerance and I still don’t fully understand it. I identified the initial culprits, suffered for an entire week wheezing and hacking, then had one bowl of one-pan dinner (which didn’t have those additives) and that threw me back under the bus. I’ve been tiptoeing ever since, surviving on water, a single coffee, a piece of capsicum or cheese and decongestant. That’s it. Even the wine is gone.  😦


I suspect a lot of it was maize starch and wheat, which was also in all of those foods, although I can usually enjoy a few helpings before it all slows me down and give me warning to stop (headaches, weight-gain and lack of energy also).

The holidays are over by nearly a week. Did I get to the Mountains? No, but there is always the Easter break and we plan to go then. We’re looking at over 16 hours driving in one day, so I cannot just be a passenger. It will be a long haul for both of us.

Anyhoo, I’m back at my desk – mostly – and should be able to keep up the chat. It might be a while longer before I catch up with everybody, however, which I’m sure you understand.

On the work-front, while indisposed, I actually sorted a few plot problems out and even organized book 5 (vital, though it doesn’t seem important now, while I’m still working on book three – more on that later), so some good has come from this, although all of that sorting has to be worked out in words and on pages. At least I can remember how to type.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who wished me well and for your wonderful comments of inspiration. It helped. It’s nice to know that you get a little something out of my warblings.

That’s it for now. There may be gaps ahead, but I hope not.

Cheers, all!


6 thoughts on “Up and… kinda crawling… but at least I don’t have my slippers on back-to-front.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Thank you – yes, it was nasty, but at least I have a handle on it. I’d been aiming to clean up my eating habits, anyhow, this was a real shove in the right direction. You take care, too – those bloody additives sneak up on you.

      Cheers, mate. 🙂

  1. Artie

    WTF? I go away for a while and Greg cant look after you??????

    Sounds like you’ve had a rough time AD, hope you keep on top of it… I’ll stop tapping my toe…. for a while…. get well. R

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Artie. Good to hear from you. Ah, what can I say, Greg brought me grapes so it must be love. He’s been great, honest. And, no – please – whatever you do, don’t stop tapping those toes, it keeps me motivated. 🙂

  2. writingsprint

    Your illness reminds me of my niece. They realized she had dairy and gluten allergies, but not before she had a hell of a time with them. I’m glad you’re feeling better if only a little bit at a time.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Some years ago a friend of mine went on Atkins because she wanted to cure her diabetes, which she needed injections for. I was really skeptical, but she did it under the watchful eye of her doctor. Not only did her diabetes completely clear up, but so did her arthritis and she lost a heap of weight. I toyed around with it then and found that if I kept off the starches (maize and wheat), my frequent migraines went away. Greg also had results, with irritable bowel clearing up.

      Greg never went all the way off starch, so it tends to sneak back into our diet at “special” times because I’m a softie and it’s hard to say no. I’ve been getting away with “keeping it light” until now.

      As for food additives, we got into looking at that when I started getting bad chest pains (again years ago) and it turned out to be 319, which comes from petroleum. Like, what the HELL is petroleum doing in a food product?! But all the additives are about keeping the coloring fresh-looking and flavouring and all sorts of other reasons, nothing to do with food or healthy eating.

      Back to maize and other starch – I really think it’s a catalyst, and it’s everywhere. In ice cream. In drinking chocolate. All sorts of places you don’t expect.

      Well, I’ve given up playing dodge-and-weave, I’m back to real food. I think Greg’s willing to give it a proper go, also. 🙂

      Thank you for your concern. I hope your niece is on top of things, too. This sort of attack is really scary. I couldn’t breathe, and I live in the country some way from any medical help. Let’s just say I learned something important, and I was sick of feeling lethargic, anyway. So, when I finally get back on track, I ought to start feeling fantastic. I’m sure looking forward to that.

      Cheers, mate. 😀


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