Thread Weaving and a Tangle of “Nots”.

Oh bugger! The load of action and stress I want to give one character clashes with a different load of action and stress I want to give to another – Both events have to stand out, both are extended (these are not small events), but they simply cannot run side by side – I don’t even want them to overlap.

That means delaying one side (which one?!) while playing out the other. Deciding which one goes first means completing both sequences and extending both threads, each the length of the other, to see if the beyond that point works against the backdrop of action from whichever the second side shall be.

Does that make sense? No? Welcome to my life! (Where’s that freaking coffee?)


Basically, I need to see who’s dragging their feet and by how much. If one side has plenty to do beyond that point, then there’s no thumb-twiddling going on while the second character goes through their paces. What comes first for each side is equally important. Who is dragging their feet the most there if the other side goes first?

Both ways will have to be tested out and weighed against each other. I will also have to take into account all the side issues (other threads) that need to plug into them, this way and that, and take note on which works best.

I sure hope it all goes very solidly one way, but it doesn’t usually work as cleanly as that.

So, how long will this take? If I’m lucky, two weeks to a month. If I’m not… just don’t ask.

It’s not really a delay, both sides have to be written regardless – it’s more a matter of deciding which goes with what and testing out all the plug-ins around it.


And there are people out there who think writing a book is easy???

Have fun today, guys and gals, while I sit here and occasionally scream.


Oh, all right – Cheers!  😉


17 thoughts on “Thread Weaving and a Tangle of “Nots”.

  1. writingsprint

    Writers are part movie director, aren’t they? That “cutting room floor” can be a tough place to be. Good luck!

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Thank you! Usually all chopping is worth it for the end result. Usually fun, too, to see the end result shine for it. With this, I’m more juggling with layout… However, I might have it worked out already… (not done, just worked out). 🙂

  2. Yuna

    No, i don’t think write a book is easy.
    I want to scream to for my own reason but i couldn’t since it would disturb the others. kekekekeke

        1. Yuna

          Yes, that’s my work environment. Indeed, i giggle whenever i feel like to, whether they like it or not, kekekekeke, not like the scream, i still have some conscience here 😀 😀

          Semangat selalu \^0^/

        2. Yuna

          LOL. So, in the end the best way is keep giggling or…singing (they hate me even more for this one, even though i try to make my singing like a melodious whisper, kekekeke)

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