Those Hovering Moments. Maybe.

Sometimes I surprise myself, I sit at my computer and start off hoping to put into place another piece of the plot, only to find instead that something remarkable happens – some doorway opens and what flows out are scenes and actions I did not expect to write, beautiful expressions and nuances that were not in my head only a moment before.

Where does it come from? As I frequently put writing problems on the back burner of my mind, I suspect it’s my subconscious throwing forward solutions. It’s also likely where my plot-wandering-off-on-its-own comes from. I have long learnt to trust such things (the wandering off inevitably leads to a better story), but I do marvel at how spontaneous such creation can be.


We all love it when that happens, that magical process, and don’t we wish we could harness it and use it at will! Unfortunately, just like luck, you cannot force it to comply. You cannot turn it on when you need it (would anyone turn it off again?).

Sometimes, what I produce leaves me stunned. It also leaves me wondering, would I have captured that had I written the scene yesterday or put it off until tomorrow? Would I have captured any of it, or would it have been forever lost and forever unknown? I didn’t see it myself until I had written it. What if I had missed the moment and never written it? Or was that moment hovering and going to be mine regardless of when?

Such questions can never be answered. There’s no way to test it. You get it, it’s there and it becomes forever your own. You can’t put it back and try again tomorrow to see if the same pops out.

One of my characters tells his own jokes. This is Jim, one of Raoul’s crew and you meet him in the first book of The Khekarian Series. Every joke that comes out of his mouth has surprised me – I’ve never heard them before. No, I don’t understand it, either, but it’s fun and I run with it.

Okay – I guess it’s time to go off and be creative in book 3. So… you go check out your characters, I’ll go check out mine and see if any are going to be cooperative today. It’s a whole new world in there and you never know what you’re going to meet. Good luck. May those Hovering Moments be with you.

Cheers everyone!



2 thoughts on “Those Hovering Moments. Maybe.

  1. Uzoma

    The way you tinker around your story line is quite fascinating. In writing a story, I have observed that each character has a distinct aura. For me, some of them appear in my dreams. Is that weird?

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      No, not weird – if a character doesn’t live and breathe for you, you will never show him or her to the world. They so totally come alive, and have to. That’s one of the things I love most about writing. I get the adventure, too, and then can pick and choose which parts to tell. I love it when a character takes off on their own and insists on doing their own thing – especially when they are right!



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