The Starting Dance.

Not sure what it is about beginnings. When I write, I have a plan, a plot, characters sorted, action pending, rah, rah, rah – and because I write multiple threads, there are multiple ways to get started (which ought to make it easier), yet it seems that no matter where I choose to launch from, there is always this little starting dance that happens first. I hop from one choice to another and generally pussy-foot around, indecisive as to what will work best. This slows me down because until I can get this sorted out, I don’t have the pace for the rest of the book. That beginning sets the pace.

Sometimes I work it in reverse, or try to, and get on with what I know comes next, trusting that the pace will force the beginning into compliance. It’s bad news, though, if that doesn’t work because then I have to shuffle around those multiple threads and, if they are time dependent and reflect against each other, that upsets the balance – which equals a big re-write.


So I do the Starting Dance, trying to get the balance right first.

Sooner or later, it sorts itself out. I suspect it’s all really about how polished it all is right from the start, which is unrealistic, if you think about it, but I suspect that is where my dissatisfaction actually lies – that it’s not good enough and until it is, I’m not happy with it, no matter what I choose.

And now that I’ve realized that, I can get on with it. 😀

If you’re a writer, how do you deal with your beginnings? Serious question, I’d love to know.

Cheers, everyone!



8 thoughts on “The Starting Dance.

  1. Conrad (The Wine Wankers)

    Even though I’m just a narcissist who writes about myself and personal experiences I still find it hard to kick off the intro. I often get bogged down then move on in my story and come back to it later. Maybe not relevant for yourself, but that’s what happens with me. Cheers!

  2. Uzoma

    Beginnings are like gifts — they are very important to me. I get frustrated when I don’t come up with an appealing opener. Without a wonderful start, I find it hard to jump into the middle of the story even when I have it all planned out. So, I guess we are alike in that respect 🙂


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