The Khekarian Threat – Last day FREE on Kindle.

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So, what would you do if you were a seventeen year-old untrained and inexperienced psychic, caught up in the power struggle of an exiled Khekarian prince desperate to return to the heart of an aggressive empire? Don’t think that her age makes this a teenager’s book, it’s very adult with explicit sex, coarse language and violence – and the fears of a girl wanting to escape a threatening situation.

This giveaway of The Khekarian Threat on Kindle ends at midnight (USA Pacific Standard Time) on Friday, 23rd August (2013).

What if you don’t have Kindle? No problem there, with a free Kindle reader app, you can still download The Khekarian Threat and read it on your PC, smartphone or tablet.


To download your Kindle version of “The Khekarian Threat”, click HERE.

(For those not familiar with Amazon downloads, after you go there, check that the Kindle edition registers $0.00, click Kindle edition, then look to the right of the screen for the green box with the yellow “Buy this at a single click” orange button. Don’t worry, if the price was $0.00, you will be charged $0.00).

For those who are interested, but don’t have a Kindle, get your free Kindle app for your PC., your smartphone, tablet, etc., (free), click HERE.

To read the reviews so far on The Khekarian Threat, click HERE (only 6, but worth it. Even the person who didn’t like it gave me 3 stars – the rest are one at 4 stars, and four at 5 stars).

To read more about the Khekarian Threat on my blog, with links provided, including to the first four chapters (to see if it’s your thing), click HERE.

If this book grabs you at all, it will grab you completely. There is no such thing as a book that everybody loves, but what I can say with certainty is that most people who have read it, love it. Give it a go. Enjoy.

Cheers everybody!


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