The Idyllic Writing Day

For me, a day of no distractions, the phone turned off, the house quiet and the cats sleeping – Outside, some vibrant weather, a good strong wind and a moody sky, dark and low, bringing snow or rain – it doesn’t matter which, because the house is warm, the fire roaring.

To sit. To dream. To play with words on other worlds. To explore. To have fun. There is nowhere I have to be and nothing I have to do, except indulge. My characters talking to me, sharing immediate reaction, sharp, eager responses and a quick wit. Action and dialogue flow.

Chocolate doesn’t feature (shocker!), but coffee does, and later, when the hours have gone and the night is closing in, a drink or two of port will wind down the day very nicely. Heck – it’s my fantasy – that port might smooth out the late afternoon as well, especially if the promising thunderstorm moves in and we sit and watch the rain against the windows, or outward, across the hills.


Ideally, there is a stew on the stove, simmering gently – dinner cooking since morning – that wonderful aroma filling the house and, again, leaving me no chores, no distraction.

I’m guilty of wanting to move to Canada, just so I can stock the larder with all the essentials, then get snowed in for a month. I like to be cut off from everywhere (I’ve done it before), alone with my thoughts, my characters and a plot promising twists and turns as yet unexplored.

In New South Wales, Australia, we live in the Southern Tablelands. The location is elevated, but we’re supposedly too low for snow. Yet snow is what we’ve been getting these past few Winters, and it’s getting worse, so I might get my wish and be snowed in here, and I won’t have to move to Canada.

Of course my partner features – someone has to make the coffee or pour the port. 😀

There you go. My wants and wishes are simple things. Reality is somewhat different, of course, but let’s not spoil a good fantasy.

What’s your concept of a perfect writing day? Or just perfect day – you don’t have to be a writer to share your thoughts here, to tell me what would make you look around and say, “Ah! This. This is what I want!”

I’d love to know.



12 thoughts on “The Idyllic Writing Day

  1. Candice Coates

    Perfect writing day for me is somewhat similar to yours. I would have no distractions, I would not need a nap. I would omit coffee and insert Earl Grey or a good Chai. ( I love Kashmerie Chai but have had a heck of a time finding it lately) I would also write at least 5,000 words, all of them viable, not one of them fill for the trash can. 🙂

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      I like it! I love the thought of 5,000 words, too. I never thought of the word count. Coffee? Yes, yet I’m stepping away from it, down to one cup a day and replacing it with Rooibos tea. 🙂

      1. Candice Coates

        I am a numbers person. I found myself counting in my head for no good reason. Maybe its a superficial thing, a security blanket of sorts to make me feel like I have achieved something grand. lol I only recently learned how to brew coffee so I have never really been big on drinking it although I do like it. Tea now, that is the most popular drink in the world, second only to water. You are a wise woman for indulging in it 😉

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          I like that, too – I can live on flattery. 😀 Actually, I think including a word count is an excellent thing because it sets up expectation and the energy to engage in the challenge. Your fantasy day would have produced more writing than mine – I’d have ended up drinking port and watching the rain through the window. LOL.

        2. Candice Coates

          The Idyllic writing day is your oyster lol. You mentioned watching rain, as I think about it, I have started many of story lines out of nowhere just from simply watching the rain fall. I wonder what it all means. (Insert deep, curious music)

        3. A.D. Everard Post author

          No idea. I just love grey skies, rain, snow, hail, stormy weather. It really brings out the writer in me. And it’s good for a port. 😀

        4. Candice Coates

          I can dig that! I love heat storms; all the thunder and lightening, deep grey skies but not a single rain drop…these might even be called electrical storms. I dont know I just know that I love them.

        5. A.D. Everard Post author

          Me too! I think it’s the negative ions – like being close to a waterfall – it’s energizing. I love windy days, too, when it’s not too hot or too cold. But grey skies and stormy weather – I love it. Great for moody work, too, villains and challenging scenes.

  2. flygirl140

    I perfect writing day is one with no distractions. I am slowly building my writing room, and though it is nice, it is nothing compared to the wood floored library with one wall containing two stories of windows where I can watch the afternoon showers build in to thunderstorms. I dream of soft blues music playing in the background mixing with the sound of rain as I am curled up in my mismatched antique chairs debating on whether to read or write. That’s my perfect writing day.


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