The Hidden Depths of Writers.

The non-writers around you do not understand the process – to them a writer is someone who sits at a desk every day, producing reams of wonderful prose that turn into a book within weeks or months, to then be quickly embraced by a publisher.

What they don’t understand is the creative process, the time and effort and dedication needed to grow your skillsets – there’s more to being a writer than writing.

Not only do you have to know how to put words together, you have to know how to put ideas together, as well. You have to have solutions, connections, the Why, the How, the What. You have to get character development, plots and backdrops all worked out. You have to have done your research on a multitude of thing, events, professions, and gain some understanding of the psychology and drives of the individuals you are writing about.

So years go by. Your friends and family show support to varying degrees, but they’re not seeing what you are seeing, and they’re not seeing what’s going on beneath the surface. They understand that you have a passion to write, they even see you occasionally scribbling away, but they also see not much actually accumulating.

Instead, they see you staring the skyline, seemingly distracted or noncommittal, which doesn’t look much like dedication. Dedication, of course, is exactly what they are seeing, they just don’t recognize it.

So words sneak into the conversation about how perhaps you should turn your attention to a ‘proper’ career or maybe give up this foolishness. Most writers have jobs, they have ‘proper’ careers, it’s just not where their heart is – and foolishness? These people read books, right? They watch movies, yeah? Why is it ‘foolish’ to think you can produce in this line? It isn’t foolish, and while it might not sound like it, most of your friends and family actually would like you to succeed.


They don’t mean to be disparaging, they just don’t realize that there’s a lot more to writing than just sitting at your desk.

Hang in there!



6 thoughts on “The Hidden Depths of Writers.

  1. flygirl140

    Thank you for this post! I never realized how much work went in to writing until I actually decided to put pen to paper. It is difficult sharing your dreams and passions with love ones that may not understand, and that is why this post has been a very uplifting aspect of this day!

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi flygirl. I’m glad! 😀 It took me a long time to realize that the people around me couldn’t see the process and that, for them, it really didn’t look as though I was doing anything. Writers have enough worries and self doubt without thinking that everyone else doubts them, too – yet that’s exactly what it seems like. Writing is a lonely journey at times – it’s special, though, and I think we’re richer for it.

      I’m glad you put pen to paper and followed your heart. Cheers!

      1. flygirl140

        I agree. We are richer for our endeavors, and it helps to have an online support community. I am lucky in that my husband does everything he can to be supportive but most of our family knows nothing of my dreams and goals. Its will just be easier to say ‘hey, look what I did!’ once I finally get published.

        My heart is much happier now that I write!

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          That’s a great way to do it, to surprise them. They will be delighted. 😀 My husband is hugely supportive, too, and has been from the start. It was a refreshing change from what I was used to.

          You are clearly meant to write, or your heart wouldn’t be happier. It’s within you. Cheers! 😀

  2. D. Emery Bunn

    People at work don’t understand why I’m not going insane spending my weekends alone writing. Just wait until I spring the results on their unsuspecting selves.


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