The galaxy is a BIG PLACE.

Sure is! I have lots of action in the Khekarian series, a rich assortment of characters and different worlds, three dominant species of being in control of much of it, and a fourth coming into the picture – there’s a war on (isn’t there always) between two of the three civilizations and a small planet in the peaceful Terran Sector -humans- may end up being the pearl of the galaxy.

The Khekarians are fishing around, they know what’s there. They want what’s there to aid their war effort.

Two books of the series are written and printed. I’m having another look at those after a three-year hiatus. It’s good to see them fresh and new as though I am a new reader and not the author. These ARE being tweaked and will be re-uploaded. No major changes and none at all to the plot – just better for me being able to see those few patches that jar. The third book (unpublished) will undergo the same treatment and follow the first two, and then I can get on with the next.

It’s happening and fast, but it takes time to pick up the pieces, to know where I’m at and to move forward again.


It is all happening, folks. It seems like a long time, I know (it does to me too). Once more I thank you all for your patience.

Cheers! 😀