The Accidental Multi-planetary Playground – And BAM!

I didn’t plan on writing a science fiction series when it all began – I had one story, one planet and a bunch of ordinary non-hero types enjoying a minor adventure within a pioneering society.

They met villains on the planet that had few laws. There was lust and murder and violence, spaceships and aliens and all the fun stuff that makes science fiction.

Then I stuck in two warring factions, two civilizations contained in vast empires, each controlling a substantial amount of the galaxy. I did that just to give background and depth.

I didn’t expect to get involved with all of that. However, it seemed like a great idea to link my villain into that background. It gave him much more power and menace and reason for doing the things he did. And BAM! Suddenly I had a multitude of planets to play with.

It opened the door to much more than just a series. It allowed me to explore every layer of civilization there has ever been. There’s borderline habitation (inhospitable areas of the galaxy) where penal colonies are situated, through an assortment of planets and places at different stages of settlement, all the way up to fully fledged Kingdoms and Imperial Cores – Rulers and palaces, wars and slavery, the wealthy, the poor and the ordinary living their lives.


The beauty of science fiction is that the galaxy is big. There are places I haven’t even thought of yet. Towns and planets, and Arms and Arcs of the galaxy yet to be explored.

I didn’t know it would evolve like this. I started off with one story!

The backgrounds, the plots, the multitude of characters and the wonderful potential grew up gradually and then blossomed overnight. I would love to be able to say that I planned it all out in advance, but I really didn’t. It evolved.

I love writing sci-fi. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored in my galaxy. I don’t think you will either. 😀

Cheers all!



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