Taking a Quiet Day

Internet-wise, that is. As many of you know, I blog and post on a daily basis, I also catch up with people I’ve met along the way and check out their blogs and posts – Outside Blogsville, I write pages of manuscript, research various facts and figures, and work on other background things that are book related but not the manuscript itself.

I do this every day, seven days a week, every week.


Occasionally I just have to pull back and let it all go and take a day off.

And that’s today. Anyhow, I’ve got to do some plot-thinking and that means staring at the skyline, no distraction.

Have a great day, all of you. Cheers!



10 thoughts on “Taking a Quiet Day

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Well, yes, but then I disappeared for the rest of the day. Actually, it turns out I didn’t get a day off at all – more about that in today’s post. 😀 Anyway, if I just didn’t show up, one or two people might worry.

  1. tabithadial

    I hope your day off was fun and refreshing.

    I’ve responded to your thoughtful comment on my blog from the other week. Hope to hear more along that line soon, and I wish you the best with your writing and blogging life.



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