SUCKING IN THE FEAR – from The Khekarian Threat, out now on Amazon.

“What did Sevi tell you?” He still spoke quietly, but Aleisha could sense him sucking in the fear that rolled off her in great waves, relishing her anguish. He terrified her. She’d been given no time to prepare, no room to evade, no chance to think. Her answer betrayed her panic as she fought to come to terms with this sudden situation.

“Nothing, she just… ambushed me!”

“Kristi, then,” he said. “Someone made you scared of me.”

“No one. I’ve only met her. Sevi. I thought you were some kind of monster in the city. I saw, but I didn’t know you were Khekarian.”

Sturn analyzed her answer. “Saw what?”

“What you did.”


Excerpt from The Khekarian Threat, Book One in the Khekarian series. Aleisha is an inexperienced psychic. Was it wise to let Sturn know that she saw what he did?

FREE, first 4 chapters (and more) for You to read. Links in right hand margin.

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