So far so good

All is fine so far in stage one of my final preparations for the launch of The King’s Sacrifice, book two in the Khekarian Series (sci fi).

Stage one involves editing and formatting, giving the final polish and to check for anything I might have missed. This is going well.

Making ready for stage two (utilizing my volunteer reader), Greg is shifting his commitments around, cramming his studying into lunch breaks, generally making room in his busy schedule and freeing up as much of the weekend as he can. He won’t get it finished in a weekend, but a weekend gives him the biggest space in which to get immersed.


One of us didn’t time it well, folks, and Greg took on two courses on top of his full time job – right at the time when I would finish my book. And yes, he’s known for eight months that my launch was scheduled for July. Okay, it’s true that one of the courses was foisted upon him, but nevertheless, it’s a lousy time to be busy.

Not that it really matters (as I trust my own work), but it’s nice to get feedback from a trusted source. As I’ve made him part of the final process – and he wants to be part of the final process – it is important that he slows down and does it right. At this point in time, my book is not a project he can hastily complete. This is not the time for speed-reading. Any other time, yes, but here and now it’s important to take it in properly because I am looking for an assessment of value, not an assessment in haste.

This he knows and he takes his participation seriously, for which I am grateful.

So far, all is looking good.

Cheers! 🙂


2 thoughts on “So far so good

  1. Robin Puelma

    So excited for you! Your persistence has been so encouraging to me as of late — motivation had gone into hiding for some time there (a two week vacation didn’t help). It needed a good kick in the pants, and your posts have done the job! Thank you!

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Robin. 🙂

      Wow, what a wonderful thing to say. That means a lot to me (because I know what it’s like). Thank you so much. I know you have the staying power, or you’d have quit a long time ago. So, hang in there and don’t be hard on yourself. Sometimes when it seems like nothing much is happening on the surface, it’s because a lot is happening on a subconscious level. Sometimes things just plain take time to come together.

      Cheers to you! 🙂


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