Snakes on my Doorstep. Again.

Australia is known for its poisonous snakes – Although it often takes longer (6 to 24 hours), a Tiger snake can bring on death within as little as 30 minutes, Black snakes are also highly poisonous, but it is the aggressive and fast moving Brown snake that can and will bite multiple times and are responsible for killing more Australians per year than any other snake – It’s not just people who try to kill or catch them that get bitten either, it’s people stepping over logs or rocks or people walking in long grass, people who simply do not see them.

Did I mention long grass? Our new (old) little house in its glorious wilderness/pastureland isolation hadn’t been lived in for some time. The grass was long right up to the house and all around it. We have all three of those snakes mentioned here, plus others. When I say here, I really mean here, not just in the area but on the doorstep!

In the first couple of weeks here as I got the grass under control, I saw two snakes immediately on stepping outside, both out in the open and within feet of the house. The first was a Black snake and the second was a Tiger snake (both big ones). Greg saw a third one during a visit here, which vanished into his work shed and we think is a Brown.

These aren’t like pythons that I would gladly pick up and have photos taken with – you don’t mess with these things. While I appreciate snakes and will not kill them, I don’t want them under my feet whenever I step outside. I want our cats to survive too.

Solution? Yes, I actually found one.


Someone recommended a commercial gadget that repels snakes. They work through vibration and sound, being extremely irritating to not just snakes but the rats and mice they live on. I wasn’t sure how good they might be until someone living in this area for fifteen years told me that every year she killed on average six Tiger snakes in her yard (they are THAT plentiful, other locals give me similar numbers), but since she used the snake repellents, she hasn’t seen a single one – and that was through Spring and into Summer when they are most active.

That was good enough for me! I currently have four and will get some more. It’s been nearly a month now and it’s still Summer in Australia, and so far I haven’t seen another snake anywhere.

Looks like I can rest easy on this one.

Cheers all! 😀


11 thoughts on “Snakes on my Doorstep. Again.

  1. dominickpeters

    It is nice to hear that you don’t kill the snakes. So many people just end the life of another creature with out so much as a second thought.
    Let us know if the snakes stay away.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Dominick. Thanks – Snakes have their place, as does every creature, and I respect them. Yep, I’ll give the gadgets a fair trial and report on how they are doing. From all I’ve heard, they work well, even though some of the pests have been known to “check them out” first before moving on. I think the ones here have just moved on. 🙂

      If for some reason they don’t work (and I’d be surprised!) our next line of defence is simply to gear-up, wearing boots and jeans whenever we step outside. No matter what, we will not kill any snake.

      Cheers! 😀

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      That would be a very good point if they all did. I’ve only met one woman who started using them here, although at the shop I bought them from I was told the tale of another person who put them around her dam because that’s where the Tiger snakes were and she wanted to protect her cattle. Anyhow, they worked all right, and all the snakes came to her house! As we’re in the middle of fields with neighbouring houses mere specks in the distance, hopefully we won’t be driving any trouble their way (and visa versa). 😀

  2. Yuna

    Looks like the gadget works well. And, wow, you been found so many wild creatures which I don’t think I could deal with all of those and still keep calm like you. Amazing.


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