Serious questions for you. Please assist.

I always invite people to read my work, I never push – for instance, I have the first few chapters of my first book listed in the right hand menu (also available from the dropdown menu) and other sections from both the first and the second book which I will occasionally link to in posts so readers can pop over and have a look if that is what they would like to do – Now ever since I started blogging, I’ve been reading through other blogs and have come across various pieces of writing just out there as a post (not linked to, not introduced, just there).

Normally these will grab me or not, as the case may be. Not all are my type of fiction. Not all are brilliant. But occasionally I’ll find a piece that truly stands out and I find I am captivated. That usually leads to me following that blog and becoming a regular.

How many times do I follow a link to look at someone’s work? I’m ashamed to say, not often. There’s no offense meant there, the simple reason is that when I am writing, I really don’t want my own flow to be disrupted by someone else’s style. So, had these excellent writers put up a post and told me about it, then supplied a link, I might not have followed it and I would have missed out on some very fine writing (which, incidentally, have not disrupted my style at all).


So how many people bother to link over to any of my writing? The stats show me that some indeed do, but not everyone who looks at the post follows over to the page, much less across to a piece of fiction.

So, my question is, would you think less of this site if occasionally I slipped in a piece of fiction with no announcement and no link, just – bam – there? The first few lines, at least, then a link to the rest if readers wish to go on.

Because my blog is not a blog for fiction (as such), more a chat-about-writing blog, truly I am undecided here, so I would appreciate your thoughts on this. If you’re a writer, too, is that something you do? Put up your pages for all to see? How do you feel about seeing other sites do the same? It is not my intention to do this all the time, in fact, I’m limited, there’s not a huge list to choose from, so it would only happen rarely and be more likely as a fill-in when I haven’t got a topic to discuss. But should I do it at all? Is it in any way a turn-off?

I try to give variety within the scope of writing/researching and this would add something a little different. Judging by the blogs that do this, and the replies of support they receive, people seem to like it, but then, as a blog that does it regularly, those readers and followers would be there precisely because it’s what they want. Would it work for me, too, do you think, if I am not doing it all the time? Do I have a different readership because of my different style?

Strange concerns perhaps, but I value the readers and followers I have, and while I might only get one or two replies, they will matter to me. My writing itself shouldn’t put anyone off (hey, I’m good, all right?), but foisting it upon you might.

Please, do tell me your thoughts on this, I will sincerely appreciate them.

Cheers! 😀


17 thoughts on “Serious questions for you. Please assist.

  1. jodiellewellyn

    I personally visit the blogs of others to read about their writing ‘experiences’ as opposed to their actual writing.

    But that’s just me 🙂

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Jodie, thank you, I’m largely the same – another reason for me keeping it sparse, I think. I guess I won’t know until I try it, but I expect it to only pop up about once a month. Thank you for your input. 🙂

  2. Nina Kaytel

    I read anything and everything that is free. While I am in learning mode, mind you. Every piece of writing is a chance to learn something.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Hi Nina – well that sounds good! My entire first book will be coming up free shortly on Kindle. I want to time it closer to Christmas. 😀 Watch this space, as they say.

  3. beth

    I say go for it!

    A page or two here and there will only help others get to know your
    One of a kind style.
    To me, everything you write is highly entertaining and enjoyable.

  4. beth

    Another thought…
    If the scenes are from a yet to be published work I would keep them short.
    Just a little tease.
    For the same reason that I never read the previews at the end of a book.
    I don’t want to start reading a book and feel like I have been here before.
    Just from a readers perspective. 🙂

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Thank you. Yes, I’m totally with you on that one. Actually that’s one of the reason I limit myself with book one and two as well – I don’t want to spoil it for those who have not read either one yet.

      I had in mind things like the opening lines (from book one), which of course doesn’t give away the plot. Not too much, though, or people will have the sense they have read the book before when they’ve only seen a page – maybe I’ll keep that one to the first paragraph. 😀

      “Mij” is a powerful one, too, showing a serious side without giving away anything that follows (or came before). That one is also well enough inside the story that by the time a reader gets there, they might remember it, but they will also know that they have not read the book (because everything up to that point has been new).

      I agree to keep it as very short snippets, too, perhaps then adding the link if someone wants to take it further.

      Thanks heaps for this, Beth, it is helping me work through the whole idea more fully than I had.


  5. Rhino House

    In the end it depends on what you want from/for this blog. Maybe a link through to a separate blog where you preview/showcase some of your work would be a safe compromise?
    (But what do I know?)

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Well, I already link to my own writing pages (chapters and snippets) that are right here, so they are already here on this blog. You do raise a very important point when you say it depends on what it is I want from this blog – basically, I’ve got it as I want it now, so probably should not mess with that.

      I’m glad I put it out here and asked because, through these comments, I can see the much bigger picture, which helps a lot. Thank you! 🙂

  6. writingsprint

    I think you nailed it when you talked about how people form their expectations of what a blog is all about. If you take a left turn, it’ll throw off the readers. I don’t think they would take offense, but they might eventually get turned off eventually. At best, they would have to revise their expectations of what they get here.

    I think if you made it a rare “peek behind the curtain” you could get away with it. I like Rhino House’s idea of a separate blog. I’m reading a poetry blog where the author split off her erotic poetry onto a different site because the subject matter and feel of the site was so different. If you wanted to keep this all on one blog, maybe blog about your process, what you’re trying to do, the ideas you’re tinkering with, and have it link to a page that has the scene. We’re your fans, so if we’re interested, we’ll go there. If not, it didn’t mess up the flow here.

    Your original question of how often do I follow a link to someone else’s work — not too often. I go to a blog to read that site’s work, not someone else’s, unless the blogger gives me a good reason to check it out. I look at reblogs because then a great big chunk of the other post is already in front of me. There are also sites that do a “weekly fiction challenge,” where I’ll follow links there were posted by the coordinator as a courtesy to the other posters in the challenge. There the whole point is to read each other’s work. Eventually I start reading some posts more than others because I like their work better.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Thank you for this. You have summed it up very nicely. I would not be pointing at other people’s work, all my links now point to my own pages already on this site, so there is no need for a separate blog. I set it up that way precisely so I wouldn’t be in anyone’s face with it and so give my readers and followers a choice whether to read my fiction or not. Perhaps I should just let people know that those pages are there every now and then, mainly for the newcomers who trickle in all the time.

      I do like the way things are now, and I certainly don’t want to mess with the flow or change things on people. So, I guess that means I’ve made my decision. 😀 And now I’ll go write up a post for everyone to see.

      Thanks heaps, mate, your words have helped a lot.

  7. debb323

    Hi 🙂 I’m a reader, reviewer, and brand- new blogger. I started reviewing because I couldn’t afford to buy the books. I LOVED the books I was reading. The one thing they had in common, I had read a tease, or a chapter before taking on the whole book. Soooo, my thoughts, go for it, just keep it short. People don’t like reaidng long posts. I am interested in your work 🙂


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