Reeling in the Unraveled.

Well, gosh! I expected to take a couple of weeks to get back in control of my latest manuscript, which fell apart rather abruptly after I removed an annoying thread (much like a woolly jumper might come undone, yes, you’ve got the idea) – I had some concern over pace after that little operation and feared losing the beginnings of several threads and characters, which is seriously not something any writer wants to encounter six months into a project with a promised publishing date only six months away.

I’m very pleased, then, to report that things are looking up. With the new stuff hammered crafted into place, I have found much of what I thought had collapsed has not, and that the pace is not as disrupted as I feared.


My first marker point, which distinguishes between what I think of as settled and what I am still working on, shrank first all the way back to page 1, climbed to 3, then jumped to 54, with an overall page count of 120, which is almost back to where I was.

I’m tweaking bits, certainly, but there is no mistaking that I have a handle on the story once again and can move forward. I also expect another big advance today. Which means I can soon get back to waffling about more interesting stuff on this blog instead of being single-minded on one issue.

Anyway, things are looking great and I wanted to tell you that.

Cheers, all. 😀


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