Realism versus the Uh-oh of Consequences. Do I or Don’t I?

In some areas The Bastard Line is developing to be more vicious than anywhere in the previous two books – it has more calculated cruelty and violence in the story – more blood, more death – The main thread was always certain, it just needed to be written and linked together in appropriate detail and order (yes, with some of that savagery), however a secondary thread, which is Va’el’s side of the story, had to be created from scratch and proved trickier than I anticipated, for reasons I didn’t expect – mainly because of the blood.

His age is a concern. How rough can you get with a kid? Yet, let’s be clear here, I don’t write children’s books and you always knew that once we got into Khekarian territory, things were not going to be so nice. This story is most definitely meant for adults. I had to give Va’el something more than a kiddies’ adventure and it had to be something fitting for the character, his future and the history and nature of Khekarian society.


What I have ahead for him is actually something pretty nasty, and I don’t mean Sevi. Given his age (ten), I’m not sure I should go there, but I’ve decided to push ahead anyway because the event has done a strange thing to his nature. Primarily, it will be what transforms him from spoilt-brat boy to eventual villainous adult, but along the way it opens him up a bit to sensitivity you don’t really expect to find in this sort of character. It also paves the way for connections with future ramification.

This means I’m running with it, whether it’s too graphic or not. The trouble with realism, though, is that you sometimes bump into the Uh-oh of consequences. That means, I’m bound to offend some people. All I can do is remind readers that Va’el is from Khekarian society which is much harsher than most of our own.

If you don’t mind a bit of savagery, The Bastard Line might be the book for you. If violence and cruelty is off-putting or offensive to you, hey, don’t go there.

The book is not ready yet, but it’s well on its way and so far is looking good.

Cheers! 😀


2 thoughts on “Realism versus the Uh-oh of Consequences. Do I or Don’t I?

  1. Uzoma

    Hello Allyson,

    The character’s voice and mode of behaviour is very important. If the writer for some reason doesn’t realize this, then the story itself will come up short in certain ways. What you are doing at the moment is the right thing. I encourage you stay on it.

    I’ve missed a lot due to my various engagement. But please know I intend reading your posts when I make my return home (Sunday, it is).

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      Thank you Uzoma, I always appreciate your feedback. Thank you, too, for this encouragement – I’ve never had a problem with getting graphic in any area, so this reluctance rather jumped up and surprised me (but then, I don’t normally have children as main characters, either).

      You are right, of course. In this instance the event has to be suitably harsh if it is to stay with him as it does, anything less wouldn’t haunt him. You are also right about a character coming up short. If I cut the scene out and tried something else, he would indeed end up lacking something powerful that I feel will be important later.

      I look forward to your thoughts on various posts, when you have the time. I’ve put up a few goods ones since you were last in. 🙂

      Safe journey home. Cheers!


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