Reading back, catching up and gathering the reins of a good series. Going well.

The Khekarian series has been my passion for a long time and it’s good to get back into it after a lengthy break. I’ve completed reading my first book through – and I’m very pleased with it, it’s great to be able to see my work as a reader does rather than as the author (time away does that for you). We writers typically get up close and personal with our characters and frequently see our work through that lens, meaning we see what we know and not necessarily what a reader sees at all when they enter into that world and meet our characters for the first time.

For the most part, The Khekarian Threat is good and strong and I very much like the humor throughout. Great sex too (gotta say it, it’s true)! However I also saw a few (not many) weak points where a bit of clarity was needed or more info given. There was one glaring typo I corrected and in one scene a very important adjustment made on a singular slip up in continuity. Ouch on that one!


A fresh upload will be coming, but not yet. It took me a little over one week to read and tweak Book 1. Book 2, The King’s Sacrifice will take no more than another week, and I will upload both at the same time. Both have to be done anyway to update my blog address in their opening pages, but they will be a better read also for that final polish up done with 20/20 vision, albeit years after the fact!

There will be a further delay as I will be sending for a hard copy of each, and that will take a week or so to reach me (I’m in Australia). After that they will be up and available, and Kindle readers can download the updated books. I think that’s how Kindle works… It’s yours to download as many times as you want…? Correct me, please, if I’m wrong.

I’ll announce the uploads when they are up. Then I will be into Book 3 and homing in on the real prize – Getting that one published. Not sure what I will meet there, I know I had issues with it at the time, so close to finishing. Anyhow, I will keep you updated on how it’s going.

That’s it for now, folks. Have a great day/evening.

Cheers! 😀