Re-uploaded The Khekarian Threat and The King’s Sacrifice + Price Drop!

Okay! I have read and re-edited both books so far in the Khekarian series. Both books have been freshly uploaded to Kindle and paperback. I have also changed their prices.

If you already own them on Kindle, I believe you can just freshly download them (it’s worth it) for no extra charge. If you have not already purchased them, my Kindle books are now going for USD$8.00 (down from USD$9.95) and my paperbacks are now USD$15.00 (down from USD$29.95).

Kindle seems to be up with these changes, one of the paperbacks not yet showing it, so it might be worth waiting a couple of days for that one. If the price has changed, you know that the content has been upgraded too.

Enjoy, folks!


I’m now at work on Book 3… More on that next time.

Cheers all!