Psychic Reading – Nice!

I mentioned yesterday that I was off to a Psychic Fair and learn what may be seen.

It was interesting. Greg and I had separate readings with different readers (there were eleven to choose from) and both our readers saw very much the same thing. I wanted to ask about my writing career, but got sidetracked with future upheavals to do with moving and retirement, about which we were told independently that contacting a financial advisor would be beneficial, that we would learn of opportunities currently unseen, and that things would work out well.

We’ve never had a financial advisor turn up in a reading before, so coming from two different sources, we’ve decided to take heed 🙂 (Rob! Check your email!).

On the subject of writing, I was told to keep at it and that it was my strength (I know that!) and that there’s a lot of good energy around me (I know that, too). 😀


Greg did better than that re my career, asking his reader how it would go. He was told that it would start off slowly (which it has. Note: That’s to be expected) but that it would gradually come to supply a steady income stream.

Well, I don’t plan on retiring from writing, and as the series grows, it would make sense that sales will, too. It was nice to hear a positive from both readers.

It was a great day all round, I bought a couple of wonderful crystals, one a quartz with green tourmaline inside it, the other a smoky tiered quartz – both with great depth and “kick-arse” power (my hands got burning hot just holding one of them, the other let rip in my solar plexus and got me so shaky I had to sit down. That means, in their own way, they “connected”. Interestingly, every other crystal I handled that day felt like plastic to me). Both those gorgeous gems are for my desk, for creation, inspiration, communication and writing energy.

I also got four hugs! 😀

It rained throughout the day and we didn’t care.

Cheers, all!



5 thoughts on “Psychic Reading – Nice!

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      It was mind-blowing. When my hands got hot, the lady behind the counter confirmed it and said they were burning, another also had a feel of my hands and simply said, “Looks like a match!” (the crystal + me). Greg felt them hot, too.

      Get this, though, when I got them home, that one crystal then influenced the other one, plus three more of my biggest and strongest. THEY heated up, too! Not hugely, but enough to notice it. It’s all settled down now and holding them doesn’t affect me anymore, nor are any of them warm, but I do think that set of five is now energized and quite powerful. They are ALL on my desk. 🙂

      If you’re interested, the set consist of the green tourmaline quartz (the kick arse one), the tiered smoky quartz (the second kick arse one), a clear quartz (all three are generators, with all sides coming up to the point), plus a rutilated quartz (looks like copper wire in it – it’s good for communication) and a black tourmaline, a powerful protection stone.

      The black tourmaline has communicated with me very strongly – I considered it my most powerful stone – so that makes three of the five “kick arses”. 😀

  1. writingsprint

    I’ll make a note of that. I’m actually trying to clear off my desk and assess what I want there. I had two desks (work and home), condensed down to one. Some of the stuff doesn’t belong anymore so I’m letting it go. I’ve had a very iffy relationship with stones. I have them for a while, then I either lose them or feel like I don’t need them anymore and throw them away. There’s a sodalite still sitting on the edge of my desk, plus a big, heavy one that I found on the beach in San Diego, one that I bought in a store that has an Om symbol carved in it, and a seashell. I like the reminders of water and earth. Oh, and a guitar pick.

    I’ve been tossing around getting a Sacred Circle tarot deck. I had one once, liked the pictures but I wasn’t feeling a connection. I’m very fond of my William Blake deck, and I really don’t want to split my energy between two decks right now. Maybe that’s what I’ll do — hold on to the Blake deck and keep the Sacred Circle one in mind.

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      I think you over-fret a tad. I have an assortment of stuff to pick and choose from depending on mood. I never thought of it as splitting my energies. If I want a Tarot card, I’ll open the cupboard, look at the different sets I have (five), and see which one appeals.

      As for stones, yes, one of my favorites was one picked up on the roadside way out in the middle of nowhere. It’s about the size of a potato, a white rock sitting there on red soil. I use that as an earthing stone and it lives on the floor by the bed. It has a “happy and relaxed” feel to it. For my desk, I’ll choose something energetic that inspires creativity and communication, although all my powerful stones end up there.

      If you’re not familiar with working with crystals, I’ll add that cleansing your stones occasionally works wonders for their energy. Most love water. Take care, though, some will erode or break apart under water, but the “hard” stones run under the tap will re-energize marvellously. I do that when I first get a crystal home, too, to strip away all those other energies from so many people handling it/them. It was after I had done that process that the one warmed up the other, then spread.

      Letting them sit outside or in a window sill under a full moon or in the rain clears them, too.

      When choosing a stone, hold it for a few minutes and see if you feel anything. Mostly, it just appeals to the eye, but I’ve had a few good responses – all different. On the other end of the spectrum to “vibrant” which I felt with my latest, there was one that was so calming, the moment I picked it up, I just wanted to hold it and keep on holding it. Being subtle like that meant that I might have overlooked it, but I was paying attention to what I was getting and I was actually after something soothing at the time. The lady in that store thought I was nuts, but a lot of crystal sellers understand connection with rocks.

      1. writingsprint

        My wife has a bunch of decks, too. I’ll figure it out.

        Everything you mentioned about the stones is fascinating! Thank you 🙂 ! I’ll keep it all in mind.


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