Psychic Fair

Nothing today, folks, I’m just letting you know I’m heading out to visit a Psychic Fair.

Haven’t done that for ages!


I might get a reading done and see what lies ahead.

I might even tell you what he/she says. 😀



4 thoughts on “Psychic Fair

  1. writingsprint

    Have an open mind 🙂 . Here’s something fun — last week I drew an 8 of Science — “Restriction” –on my William Blake tarot. I’m not a big tarot user, but now and then, when I get the urge, I’ll draw some random cards and see what comes up. It looks like a negative card, but if you read about the description, it’s all about being bottled up but about to break loose 😀 .

    1. A.D. Everard Post author

      I love it! Yes, very positive – and we know what about! 😀

      It’s seems we match again. I also use Tarot. Not often, and sometimes I prefer a stranger read for me. I’ve had enough experience with the whole shebang to trust and recognize the real and also spot the false. My day was wonderful. 😀

      1. writingsprint

        I think we were separated at birth 🙂 . The funny thing is, I’m a twin, so that would make us triplets. I definitely prefer to have someone else read for me, because I’ll over-analyze. That’s why I don’t do it often and I rarely do more than one or two, maybe three cards. I’m really glad you had a great day!


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