Plot tangles untangled. Thank goodness for that!

Things are looking good, folks. I’ve had a chance now to go over my working files and notes, I can see my way clear to continue on with the 3rd book in the Khekarian series and I’m already making good progress. The tangles I had left myself have already been dealt with and it now just boils down to bum-in-chair-fingers-on-keyboard dedication. I’m on it!

Loving how this book is shaping up. The story is solid and pleasing (the humor catches me out as always, when I work with a character they really take over. That little monster Va’el rather steals the show in this one, I thoroughly enjoy working with him).


It’s truly tremendous to be back at my desk. It’s like something went missing from my soul and is restored now I am working again with characters and plot. A writer has gotta write, right? All is very good in my world. I hope it is in yours. Thank you for being there. 🙂

Cheers all,