Picking up!

Okay, things are moving forward, and that’s both very good and very important to me because, as many of you are aware, I have slipped behind a little in my writing schedule for book 3 of the Khekarian series – mainly due to unforeseen circumstances – This is not a huge concern just yet, I am merely aware of the situation.

Just in the last few days, however, I’m happy to report that things have picked up. I have decided to take advantage of this fortuitous flow of energy and run with it, channeling it mostly into the manuscript. My intention is to get ahead once again. Getting ahead and staying ahead really is the better place to be, as I’m sure you all know.

What all this means for you, alas, is that I will put a little less time into writing my daily posts and exploring Blogsville, at least for the time being.

I will still post on a daily basis, and I will try and keep my meanderings and ponderings interesting, or at least entertaining.

I will also, of course, endeavor to keep up with everyone.


I just wanted to warn you that if things do seem light, or I don’t seem to be around as much as I normally am, or I don’t respond as readily as I normally do, everything is fine and you can just put it down to me getting heaps done.

Which I am sure I shall report on.

That’s it!


Cheers, everyone! Have a great day.


14 thoughts on “Picking up!

        1. A.D. Everard Post author

          Halo, Yuna, iya, hari ini apakah baik dan saya semoga haimu yang cerah.

          [Hello, Yuna, yes today is good and I wish you a day that is bright – at least I hope that’s what I said.] 😀

        2. Yuna

          Iya, hari ini baik, hanya sedikit mendung

          (hanya= only; sedikit = a little; mendung=cloudy).

          The point of language is to carry a message in a right way and u did it, i don’t mind a little mistake here and there as long as i caught what you meant because i made so many mistakes in English too, but you captured what i meant really well :).

          Ah, you forget to put “harap” for wish.

          Well done.

          Semangat. ^o^

        3. A.D. Everard Post author

          Heeheehee – Terima kasih, Yuna. I am glad you are very, very patient. 😀 Oh, I didn’t add “harap” because I did not have it in my list. It is added now. 😀


        4. Yuna

          That’s really cool, Allyson. Looks like your remembering so much better than me (ah, shame me)…


          Have a great Sunday..wish you have a great adventure. Still facing those cute Kangaroos and Wallabies?

        5. A.D. Everard Post author

          Yuna, you are a million miles in front of me. Fair dinkum! I only know a few words. You communicate extremely well. 😀

          (Yes, some kangaroos and echidnas, but no photos.)

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