Overlapping Stages 2 and 3

As many know by now, I am working through the final stages to get The King’s Sacrifice, book two of the Khekarian Series (science fiction) up and running. Simply put, this involves having a final look at it from different perspectives, plus gleaning the views of my trusted reader/hubby.

So far, due to other commitments, Greg’s read through is slower than we had anticipated.


I should point out that Greg has a full time job and commutes into the city and back 300 ks daily, adding almost four hours to his working day. On top of that, he is currently running two courses, one of which is very tightly scheduled. As I’m sure you can appreciate, it’s been bad timing to add in a big fat read of a manuscript that he really has to pay attention to because it’s important to his spouse.

However, we are getting there. Of the 30 chapters in the book, Greg has read 20 and I can report he is enjoying the story very much so far. By necessity, he slows down through the week, but speeds up on the weekend, and should finish his read through next weekend.

To speed things up a little, I’m going to overlap my own final read (as a reader, not a writer) to finish when he does.

Assuming that nothing falls into a great hole, and Greg continues to like it through to the end, all that waits after that is getting the cover sized right to the number of pages, and we’ll be in business… Watch this space, as they say.

Cheers everyone,

Allyson 🙂

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